Power Spotlight: Celeste O. Johnson ~ KO Tax & Financial Services


When I moved to Atlanta 28 years ago, little did I know that I would work 13 years with the #1 leader in the tax industry as Office Manager, PR Coordinator and Instructor for basic and advanced tax courses. As a result of my leadership, I was instrumental in developing innovative approaches resulting in improved compliance, increased tax revenues ($100K+) and outstanding customer service.

In 1991, I was forced to re-evaluate my life and career when I was terminated from the job I enjoyed most. When I attempted to sue for wrongful termination, I was advised that I had no recourse of action because Georgia was an at will state. As a result, I vowed that no one would ever have that type of control over my livelihood and as a result, I became self-employed, started a wholesale travel company and later ventured into the tax industry.

KO Tax and Financial Services offer tax preparation, tax courses and accounting services. Although we have the ability to serve anyone, our ideal clients are small business owners and homeowners. I love working with start-up businesses because it gives me the opportunity to set them on the right track and teach them financial responsibility without having to correct mistakes while they are still in the blueprint phase of their business. The best advice I can offer is to file and pay your taxes upfront and set realistic goals about your refund. Most importantly, I have the awesome opportunity to sow financial seeds into promising businesses or connect them to reliable services that will assist them in reaching their next level of success.

I guess that’s why my clients consistently express that I have a positive influence on their financial decisions making them feel relaxed and confident. It is customer feedback like this that drives us to continue our focused success of 1) Preparing tax returns with accuracy, patience and advice in an effort to ensure the client will not be contacted by the IRS about infraction on their taxes, 2) Increasing our year-to-year referrals from loyal customers and 3) Over-delivering in the service we provide whether it be tax or personal savings advice.

Looking from the outside in, one would think that I attribute my success to having a thriving business, but my true success is being in a position to provide for my 2 daughters in college, as well as, overcoming cancer. I also attribute my success to maintaining a balanced life by taking interest in my bowling League, reading, movie watching, going to the beach, travelling and visiting the Casino.

No one would have ever been able to tell me that my perceived setbacks in life were setups for the life that I now enjoy today. As long as I keep God and my mantras of guidance before me, I can continue this journey of peace, freedom and being of true service to others.


Look at life as a cycle you go through. Everything has a season.  Live, love and learn as much as you can and then release.

I shall pass this way but once. Therefore, any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.

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4 had something to say.
  1. JoAnn Smartt-Gaither, Ph.D.

    Congrats on living the dream and destiny God had purposed for you from your birth. You are an inspiration to many and a role model for all ages and backgrounds. Stay the course and continue to be a blessing.

  2. Brenda Pittman

    I am so proud of you and you are showing me what GOD can do for his believers like you and myself. As you know I've been gong through so much in my life over the past five years, but as I say, you as a live witness has shown me what can happen to us if we keep holding on. Proud of you 'cause I know what you had been going through and glad that you made it, for a reason and for other people in this world like me. Love you a lot and happy for you.

    Brenda Pittman

  3. Sandra Srickland

    Hey Girl,

    I'm glad to know that your many talents shine before many. However, this only tells of a small portion of the blessings and inspiration you are. Keep it up, and most definitely continue in your walk with GOD. He will never fail you!!! This you can believe.

  4. Antwinett

    Stay the course . You have a wonderful attitude, that will take you far.
    Expect the best and continue to live in grace.



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