Positive Women – 3 Reasons the Entrepreneurial Woman Must Have a Positive Attitude


As an entrepreneurial woman, having a positive attitude is very important for several reasons. Before we go into them, let’s be clear that having a positive attitude has nothing to do with pretending everything is peachy-keen when it isn’t. It means you can find and see the bright side of situations and in business — especially your own business — this is vital. With that in mind, let’s go through some situations where keeping your chin up truly helps you as an entrepreneurial woman.

1. People will doubt you — this is a tough one and it is important to keep in mind that your loved ones want what’s best for you and if they see you headed for what they think could be a fall, they often become dream stealers by discouraging you “for your own protection.” People who are jealous of you will doubt you too for different reasons. Your positive attitude comes into play here because you will need to pick yourself up and avoid complaining to them when discouragement swings by for a visit.
2. Business has learning curves — just like a real job is nothing like the college classes we took to get it, running a business takes your life in a whole new direction with twists and turns and scary hills. Seeing the bright side and realizing the light at the end of the tunnel is not a “freight train” takes a positive attitude and outlook. Distractions and lack of focus pulls many women out of their entrepreneurial dreams because it didn’t look this challenging from the outside.
3. Business takes time — we see successful people doing what we want to do: having time for family, living in the neighborhood they love, driving their dream car and it’s such an adrenaline rush to realize we can do it too; but how long did it take them? A positive attitude keeps us knowing we can do it but part of maintaining a positive attitude requires staying grounded in reality and business takes time; sometimes much longer than we had anticipated. This is one of the learning curves and a time when many will attempt to talk you out of your dream of entrepreneurialship, so seeing the bright side is crucial.

Find a community of positive entrepreneurial women who are supportive and who cheer you on. They will be your lifeline in developing and growing your business.

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Submitted by:  Kelly Rudolph, Creator of PositiveWomenRock
Artwork by Rod Steele

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