People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine Spotlight: Renée Knorr


Fashion-Knorr-bly Determined ~ Beauty and the Green

By Robin LoRé

There is a theory that our given name often defines our destiny. Many believe that who we become and what we accomplish may very well be determined by what we are called. If there was ever proof of that theory, it would manifest itself in the woman who is … Renée Knorr. Ms. Knorr endlessly re-invents herself; a haute couture fashion model, an executive producer, a fashion director, a mother, a mentor, a golfer, a humanitarian—and a soon to be author. She is all these, yet remains grounded, devoted and dedicated to her passions through it all. A renaissance woman to the core, it doesn’t surprise those who know her that Renée is a French name meaning “re-birth” or “re-born.” If you wanted to take the name game theory one step further, then Renée was doubly blessed. Born and raised in one of the most beloved cities in the country, it has been called The City of Saints, The City of Mystery and, most famously, The Big Easy. There is no doubt that the vibrant New Orleans influenced Ms. Knorr. It was where she made her very first transformation. Her stunning beauty launched a successful modeling career, but her intelligence allowed her to evolve into a savvy, globe-trotting businesswoman.

A decade ago, Renée decided to call Atlanta her home. The rich diversity, abundance of culture and large concentration of Fortune 500 companies proved to be a perfect fit for this multi-talented powerhouse. She quickly became a true Atlantan and set about bringing her substantial energy, lust for life and extensive experience in fashion to—The City too Busy to Hate.

Her newest reincarnation is rapidly becoming
the perfect place for her to combine her fashion talents and experience, philanthropic interests and love of golf, all under one roof. As Fashion & Beauty Director of The 19th Hole Magazine, she is on a mission to re-invent golf.

An avid golfer herself, Renée noticed a lack of women and teen girls playing. She made a commitment to empower more females to learn and play the sport. Also on the agenda—a desire to help more young ladies pursue a college education with the assistance of golf scholarships. The result was a collaboration with The 19th “Girls Golf by Day, Ladies Night Out” event and Future Seekers. The Atlanta based non-profit helps teens achieve and set positive future goals. In three years, Renée has mentored over 100 students of Future Seekers.

On the fashion front, Knorr is bringing high style to the game. With the expansion of The 19th Hole Magazine’s Golf Chic, Golf Glamm Fashion Shows and editorial photo shoots, she is helping make The 19th Hole Magazine golf’s most fashionable publication, even more stylish than it already is. She stays a major player by accepting various celebrity judge and hosting invitations, some of which include: the 2011 Miss Georgia Latina Pageant, Rene Miller Atlanta’s Best 3.0 Jazz, the 2011 ABMDC/Project Fashion Show, Keynote Speaker of DreamMart International “Dreaming in Living Color” – A Golfer’s Dream, a panelist speaker of Spelman College and now being featured in People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine.  All of which has earned her the title of “Ms. Atlanta Fashion.”

Her mission is to help realize the goal of The 19th Hole Magazine becoming a global brand. She’s well on her way to doing so. In February, she completed the 1st Global Golf Model Search. The five winners will grace the cover of the 2011 summer issue. The chosen winners were: 2011 Miss United States, Jessica Black; America’s Next Top Model 2009 Anna Maria Bradfield; former figure skater and singer Lexi Walters; dancer, actor, and University of Georgia student, Martha Kim; and former basketball star and beauty, Synthia Beauvais.

In June, she kicked off a “Girls Golf Day & Ladies Night Out” affair for The 19th Hole Magazine. It was the first all girl and all women golf outing and clinic for the company, which was in recognition of Women’s Golf Month and Black Music Month. She is also working toward completing her book, Soaring Beautifully With No Limitations. “I was inspired to write this book from my life experiences of learned opportunities impacting others lives. I will dedicate this one to my fans on Facebook”, says Ms. Knorr.

Renée Knorr has indeed lived up to her namesake. Her tenacity and faith transformed her from self-proclaimed, “ugly duckling” to enlightened swan. She realizes the majesty of helping other women bring their own inner beauty and talents to the surface. She has an innate knack for evolving herself and brings that spirit to all of her endeavors. This includes her latest role at The 19th Hole, where golf is becoming “A Whole New Game.”

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11 had something to say.
  1. Carla Jennings

    Hi Ms. Knorr, I enjoyed reading your article, great stuff! It really got my attention because 3 of our kids are golfers. 2 of the three are girls. The 17 year old (High Scool Senior) plays for her High School. She shoots in the low 40's/80's. Her name is Jasmine and she also loves fashion. She's considered the "Diva" of her golf team and #2 player. The younger daughter is Annika, she loves fashion but not feeling golf her first year in High School. Our son has started his first year in college on a golf scholarship.

    I love what you're doing and would like to know more
    about your organization.

    Thank you Ms. Knorr for your time. Total success to you!

  2. Renee Knorr

    Hi Carla, Thank you for taking the time to read the article and more importantly for including a comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the information thanks to Robin & People You Need to Know! I would like to get to know you all more. Golf is one of the most well respected global sports. It's my passion to build more awareness and to work towards getting scholarships for the young ladies because 80% of them go unused every year. I too have an 11 year old daughter, who is a golfer:) Congratulations to your son!! We THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE, golf's most fashionable publication is planning a family golf outing at East Lake on the 24th and would love to invite you and your family. Feel free to email me at

  3. Janssen Robinson

    So true! Congratulations, Renee! You are amazing!

  4. Benny R. Eberhardt Sr.

    RENEE KNORR"- whose talents reach beyond the stars and her new,"19TH HOLE MAGAZINE-golf's most fashionable publication", has just made the game of golf more beautiful and attractive than ever before!

    I'm not surprised at the God given talent that Renee has been blessed with. She has an elegant style and grace that lights up any place. You can definitely expect more extravagant & classy new innovations, to be produced from her in the future.

    May the creator keep blessing and protecting Renee's skills and abilities to create new exciting ideas for a long time to come. I love and support my sister and Chicago (WINDY CITY) will always love her.

    I'm so proud and happy for my sister, "QUEEN RENEE KNORR! You got game!! LUV YA!!!!!!HOLE IN ONE FOR YA

    Big Brother from another Mother and Father

  5. October Rose

    Renee is a beautiful person and is doing wonderful things for girls and young women in our community. We are honored to have her be a part of Friday Girl TV's panel discussion on African American women in media at Spelman College on September 24th, 2011.

  6. Fayola

    Hi Renee, This is awesome girl! I really commend you on this. From the day I met you your presence speaks of powerhouse. You are quick, saavy, and about your business. If I have never looked at Golf before, you have me checking into it. You keep up the Great work and if there is anything I can do to help spread the message let me know. Love ya!

  7. ollie Johnson

    There can be no greater satisfaction than supporting and encouraging our sisters. Renee has boldly accepted challenge after challenge and I applaud her very successful efforts. A shining example to all.

  8. Ronni McBride

    So enjoyed seeing you host The Jezebel Sponsored Opening of Vanquish. You are a STAR Girl! As a Woman in Business- Myself, I stay motivated by talented Women and wish You more and more success!!

  9. Laura Mills Hill

    Renee I can't begin to tell you what an absolutely genteel woman you are; this is such a great achievement you have made! Your story and life are an example of a woman that God has chosen to do great things, not just for yourself and your family but for the world. I wish you continuous success in God's favor and direction in all that you do. CONGRATS!

  10. Anna Marie Bradfield

    It is truly an honor to know, Ms. Renee Knorr. I have enjoyed watching her work in the spotlight and it was a blessing to see her perform with such grace among all the hustle and bustle of this industry.

  11. Rhonda Wilkins

    Congrats lady bug!! Hard work pays off and you have been doing just that. so keep striving for greatness.


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