People You Need to Know Spotlight: Kendria Clark ~ Realtor Concierge


Influential. Motivational. Overcomer. The Greatest Champion. Those are the marks made on the lives of others when you meet Kendria Clark. Coming from Savannah, Georgia, her ambitious goals were to become an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an author, and a fashion tastemaker. Through God’s favor, Kendria is on her way to realizing all of those goals. Kendria is a Realtor, HR Consultant and Author. After many of life’s obstacles, she graduated from Troy State University with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. She became a licensed real estate agent and has been published four times in SHEEN magazine.

In 2003, Kendria experienced the joy of helping someone achieve their dream of buying a home. At that time, she was a mortgage originator trainee. It was in that very moment she knew her life’s passion and purpose would involve helping others achieve their dreams. She soon discovered that real estate would be the conduit that conveyed her passion and purpose. Kendria’s successful career in real estate is attributed to having a concierge mindset. She solves many problems and performs difficult tasks allowing her clients to focus on what is most important to them. Kendria understands the importance of the deal is to ensure her clients’ desires are fulfilled. She is the Realtor Concierge.

Kendria plans to open youth empowerment centers in Savannah and Atlanta for youths raised by single parents. Her non-profit organization is designed to eliminate the socioeconomic destruction of our youth. Along with the support of her FAB team, (Future Ambitious Builders), Kendria will achieve this by providing life and educational resources, financial literacy for parent and child, leadership and communal obligation and exposure to the entertainment and arts culture.

Whether it’s through real estate, consulting for corporations, or philanthropy, Kendria inspires multi-generations to become their Greatest Champion by sharing her truths and beliefs on overcoming life’s obstacles and achieving success.

Look for Kendria in the next issue of People You Need to Know Magazine!

Visit Kendria at or email
Facebook business page: Clark & Company Real Estate Group.
Twitter: @kendriaclark. Call 678-822-8447

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