Nominate HER to Receive a 2012 Business Superstar Award in Atlanta


Along with others, this outstanding, courageous and community-minded businesswoman will be honored at our upcoming People You Need to Know Magazine ~ Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast held on October 5, 2012 at the magnificent Georgian Terrace Hotel.

Who is eligible?

The Atlanta businesswoman who is an inspiration to others and respects womanhood in all of its dimensions: personal, familial and professional. She has fearlessly worked to make a positive impact around her community and in the city of Atlanta. Her friends, family, co-workers/employees, and clients can vouch for her willingness to help others grow, prosper and succeed.

To nominate:

Obtain the signature of the nominee as a release confirming that they are willing to be nominated.

Write a one-page detailed description or upload a video to YouTube expressing why you feel the nominee is deserving of being recognized and honored at the 2012 People You Need to Know Magazine ~ Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast.

Please email: Photographs, press clippings, YouTube link, confirmation letters/referrals from others, etc., to …

Deadline for Submissions is August 15, 2012. Questions? Feel free to give us a call at 770-460-5995.

Thank you for your submission(s). Visit the Superstar Awards Facebook Page @

Photography by Dennis Calvert

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