People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Kimberly Chapman ~ Sheen Magazine


There are people who dream, but never act. There are those who act, but don’t succeed. And then there is Kimberly Chapman, Co-Founder of Nairobi Professional Products, Founder of the Chapman Foundation, and Publisher of Sheen Magazine. Through her business ventures, the Greenville, SC native has brought beauty, entertainment, and even educational opportunities to women and students nationwide.

For the past 20 years, Kimberly Chapman has created a name for herself as a beauty industry heavy-hitter. The brainchild of she and her husband, William Chapman, Nairobi Professional Products has gone from a grassroots business to one of the beauty industry’s most recognized and trusted professional brands, being distributed, today, worldwide. In an industry that it is consistently changing both trend and product-wise, it may be hard for one to believe that a company has been able to maintain a name for itself. Yet, it is not impossible if you know Chapman, who has not only been able to move with the industry she is in, but has also been able to maintain a multi-million dollar business at a time when many have forgone trips to the salon. A consistent big name at industry trade shows and amongst industry professionals, the success of Nairobi Professional is a testament to Chapman’s perseverance and business savvy.

It is no secret that today, many print publications have either folded or sold to competitors. This is what makes Sheen Magazine so special. In an economy when many are not purchasing magazines, Sheen has managed to go on stands, selling nationally in outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and even Target. Focusing on celebrity, beauty, fashion, and entertainment, Sheen is building a fan base amongst the young and the fabulous. Again, this is a testimony to Chapman’s ability to keep her finger on the pulse of business. Her willingness to take risks when others shy away from opportunity has not only made her wealthy, but an up-and-comer in the world of periodicals.

Yet, the venture that best speaks to the core of Chapman as a person is her Chapman Foundation. Bankrolled solely out of her pockets, the foundation allots scholarships to young college students. A champion of education, The Chapman Foundation not only makes differences in the lives of its recipients, but also in the community, putting on culturally and artistically motivated events to educate those in the area. Through the foundations numerous events in Greenville, Chapman has also created an outlet for those in entertainment and cinema to expose themselves to the public.

In short, for one to have not heard of Kimberly Chapman, their ears have simply not been to the pulse of the beauty and entertainment industries, or non-profit sector. Chapman, through 20 years of entrepreneurship, has not only enriched those closest to her, but also her community. For her, it is not just about making money, but more so about using and pulling her resources to better mold the people around her. This is what has made her successful. This is what has helped her as a philanthropist. And this is what definitely makes her a person you should know.

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  1. Freddie Jones

    Wow, Kimberly is such a beautiful, intelligent, successful black woman! It makes me so proud to see a lady who can take an idea from conception to fruition. Also one who has the tenacity to stick to her convictions.


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