People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Jazmine Florence


Jazmine Florence is a multiple business owner, entrepreneur and communications consultant. She was Born in Columbus, Georgia, from humble beginnings, and lived in Germany for some time due to her family’s military service. She is a southern belle with very big city ambitions to dominate in anything she sets her mind on achieving. Jazmine is a communications major at Kennesaw State University where she is pursuing her bachelors’ degree. She has a treasure trove of communications experience from serving members of the U.S. House of Representative in Congress. She was an assistant to her member’s communications outreach department back in 2011, when she was only 21 years old. From there, Jazmine moved onto being an administrative assistant in the White House the following year. The opportunity of a lifetime came about in an opening to intern in Washington, DC. She beat numerous applicants and secured the chance to be the eyes and ears of the people who make major decisions for the country’s future. Among many other achievements she is:

  • Founder of the fashion, entertainment and self-help blog
  • Communications PR Manager for 3 years
  • Certified personal and group fitness instructor
  • Former video model and pageantry bikini and fitness competitor
  • Certified and soon to be licensed international travel agent

In 2013, Jazmine made a promise to herself to never submit another resume or application again, so she started her own business as the CEO of her fashion and entertainment blog, For all things popular, trending, famous and related to the ‘lifestyle’ we all need to make living extraordinary― Style Me Famous has it all. The goal of her new blog is to show everyone how to make their style famous and get them closer to the events and celebrities who are shaping pop culture and fashion today.  Jazmine interviews stars and attends exclusive events, while helping to promote exciting destinations that everyone should know is happening in their local cities. She makes an effort to shine the spotlight on positivity by being a major advocate of charity work and the events that help the local community. All contributors who write self-help articles for Style Me Famous have great talent and are stars in their own right. They give advice to create expensive looking outfits that would fool the trained eye, priceless hair and makeup tips and techniques that will give anyone the wow factor for any occasion. The entertainment articles keep everyone up-to-date on the latest gossip and news from their favorite celebrities.

As a true Renaissance woman, Jazmine’s journey has brought her to the steps of Congress, pageantry competition, entrepreneurship, and now she is ready to solidify her rising star status as a person you should know because Jazmine is ready to make a major impact on Atlanta and beyond.

Although is under construction, it can still be viewed online. The site’s official launch will be in June, 2013.

Editorial Contribution by: Haashim Kelly ~

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