People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Erika McQueen ~ Ardyss


Joyous, positive, passionate and wise are just a few words that describe Erika McQueen. The Philadelphia native is a financial advisor, vocalist, and entrepreneur. Since childhood, she has possessed an intense, positive outlook on life and a strong entrepreneurial spirit which manifested itself at the age of 7 with her very first business. Her positive attitude has empowered her to turn her breakdowns into breakthroughs and her scars into stars. She believes that with faith you can overcome any situation. Over the last 6 years, McQueen has lost many things: her father to cancer, her own good health, and her financial security due to the poor economy. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, her husband, John, lost a highly lucrative position with NBC network that she now believes was a blessing in disguise. “Yes at first, I felt stunned, afraid and overwhelmed by the prospect of an uncertain future, but I channeled those feelings, dug down deep and began to create, dream and hope for my greatness to emerge more than it ever had before.“ Now, as a trainer and motivational speaker, she uses her loss to help people become their own boss. She teaches people all over the world about entrepreneurship and how to take a $100 investment and build a profitable business. Teaching is her passion, and so she makes it a priority to travel the world over sharing her vision.

McQueen’s primary business is Ardyss International, an international health and wellness conglomerate. Her organization produces over $50M in revenue annually. As a Platinum President with Ardyss International, Erika markets a broad range of products and services that promote the importance of proper nutrition, wearing a healthy bra, looking your best, eliminating toxins from people’s lives and living green. She and her husband are also executive producers at Bright Ideas, an Entertainment Company, and part owners of Body Quest Ice Cream, a company that manufactures a very unique healthy ice cream that helps dialysis patients. McQueen has also created a line of DVDs, and marketing materials to support her growing business. She has been featured in an upcoming reality show and Success from Home, a national magazine, just to name a few.

McQueen is driven by her desire to encourage people all over the world to “Get Lifted” in the areas of mind, body and finances. Her “Get Lifted” campaign has inspired people to elevate their lives on all levels. Holistic success has always been the goal for herself, her family, business partner and customers. McQueen’s success has enabled her to become a resource to the many people looking for answers to a better life. The totality of her experiences, both good and bad, contributes to her overall perspective on life and to her strong entrepreneurial spirit. She has effectively turned all of life’s upsets into something spectacular!

Look for Erika McQueen in the next issue of Briefcases & Stilettos newspaper!

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