People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Earthly Augustin


Earthly Augustin is the CEO of Seasonal Vitality. Ms. Augustin resonates with self-healing aided by food alchemy and cultural identity. Born in the only French colonial country in South America, French Guiana, Earthly was exposed to cultural, linguistic, healing, and culinary diversity from childhood. Her foreign and domestic travels have facilitated her with an eclectic array of experiences to draw from beyond her birth place.

Earthly’s worldly education: 30 years of various forms of dance, over 15 years of eclectic culinary experience, over 10 years of study and practice in Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture, and 2 years of Medical Qi Gong all influenced her energetic understanding of food and the body systems. Seasonal Vitality is an international Holistic Health Model specifically designed for onsite wellness that offers an assortment of modalities mostly founded in Oriental Medicine Theory. The Certified Practitioners can address both acute and chronic maladies that are associated with the 12 systems of the body. Acupuncture, Nutrition, Massage, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Medical Qi Gong, and Cranio Sacral Therapy are some of the services offered. “Whether a business, hosting a special event, or a staycation, we come to you!”

Earthly defines food alchemy as “the intentional preparation of quality whole foods to nurture the body, mind & spirit”. Earthly’s culinary delights include Farm to Table and personal Chefing in the Caribbean and the United States. A French, Creole and English spoken word poet who draws upon the intuition of her indigenous blood line and believes that adjusting to the rising needs of food security, health challenges, preservation of cultural and ritual ceremony, would mean honoring the seasonal changes in a world where the environment and human existence are challenged every moment.”

Ms. Augustin’s dance performances include West African, Salsa, Afro- Caribbean, Modern Hip Hop, Belly Dancing and Tap. She is also a choreographer and dance teacher who believes “Education is paramount to our well-being. Celebration of dance and food are all part of humanity’s educational legacy. Vehicled by documentation, we can share the healing of our community bonds with children, adults and elders.”

Ms. Augustin’s modeling career includes the Caribbean (Andre Etienne) and New York City (Andres Aquino’s Couture Fashion). Currently Earthly is one of the Competition models in the March 2nd, 2014 Bridal Exposition representing South America ( One of the models from Ultimate Model Management,( or 770-322-8528) she is represented by this Atlanta-based agency (Rose Battle). Ms. Augustin’s upcoming acting projects include 2 upcoming movies: a psychological thriller and an action.

To book workshops and practitioners, contact 800.393.5526 or

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