People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Audrey Dixon


Within the heart of every entrepreneur lies a desire to provide a solution to a problem in a way that no one else has done before and in a manner that serves the unmet needs of customers. Understanding this desire comes only from having walked the path of entrepreneurism yourself and learning the lessons of those who succeed as well as noting and avoiding the pitfalls that have claimed so many others.

Having walked this road, Audrey Dixon knows only too well the needs of small business owners. She works every day to ensure they stay on the path to their own success and provides services that aid them in their journey. Through her company, Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions, Audrey works every day with small business owners to help them improve their efficiency, saving time on tasks that distract them from their main goal of providing innovative solutions to their customers.

Audrey hails from a family of entrepreneurs in her native island home of Jamaica. Under her father’s stewardship, she gained an early education in business management and honed her commercial skills that serve her effectively to this day. Having emigrated to the US, Audrey spent over 6 years in the legal industry as a legal secretary from 1988 to 1994. She worked for various large law firms such as Kirkpatrick & Lockhart in Washington, DC and Arnall, Golden & Gregory in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since starting her firm, Exceptional Transcriptions and Business Solutions, Audrey has served her clients with excellence for the last 20 years providing Transcription services from various media (digital audio, written correspondence) preparing C-Suite level presentations and reports. Her transcription service caters to the academic/research, legal, and medical industries. Recognizing the needs of small business to focus on their core competencies, Audrey has expanded her services to include Administrative, Accounting, Secretarial and Marketing services.

With offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Audrey continues to grow her suite of services, focusing on the growing needs of small businesses. She now has a team of over 8 professionals and various support personnel who provides the “Exceptional Service” that has become the hallmark of her company’s brand. Audrey lives with her husband and two children in Atlanta, Georgia.

Look for Audrey Dixon in the upcoming Out Front & In-Charge Edition of People You Need to Know Magazine.

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3 had something to say.
  1. Charmaine Bather

    Great article Audrey! Congratulations! I am very proud to be your friend.

  2. Helen

    BRAVO! I knew you should be involved in this. It was so wonderful to learn some things I did not know about you. Congratulations for the success of the past 20 years and I see nothing limiting you. It has been my pleasure to know you and be a part of your team.

  3. Donna Lang

    Hey Audrey - This article is Great Representation of you and a testimony about your committment to excellence for 20 + years!! Bravo!


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