People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight: Attorney Misty A. Oaks


People You Need to Know Magazine is proud to salute Attorney Misty A. Oaks, founder and principal member of The Oaks Firm. Attorney Oaks stepped out on faith when she started her own legal practice in 2009. What started as just a dull roar turned into roaring thunder, when considering the number of satisfied clients and the rapid growth of the Firm.

The Oaks Firm, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has focused its practice almost exclusively on mortgage modifications, foreclosure defense, and principal balance restructuring for the past two years, helping thousands of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure with affordable monthly payments. The Firm is known in the Atlanta area as the premiere loan modifications law firm and comes highly recommended to the droves of despairing homeowners who have been so adversely affected by this housing crisis.

However, if there’s one thing that being an attorney has taught Misty, it’s that she cannot save everyone. Oftentimes, in a crisis situation, people look outside of themselves for something or someone who will save them. Attorney Oaks has realized however, that she can be much more effective by teaching others the processes that she uses in negotiating mortgage modifications so they can follow those same processes and save themselves. Coming from a long family line of educators, Attorney Oaks partnered her Firm with two other local organizations to host a series of seminars for the general public, and for other professionals to help them make sense out of this housing crisis. The seminars will be kicking off in late July, early August of this year in Atlanta, Georgia. The Oaks Firm will also be packaging and presenting several educational products to reach a national audience that so desperately needs the enlightenment.

But more than an attorney, Misty Oaks is a true renaissance woman who is forming her conglomerate piece by piece and brick by brick. She is a writer, a speaker, and a radio personality. For Misty, writing is truly her escape from the stresses of the legal profession. It is her catharsis, her therapy — her window to the world. She has written articles for award-winning websites such as and AOL’s online local news source, She is a head editor at Supreme Design Publishing and is currently editing submissions for Street Law Anthology: Criminal Law. The book is the first volume of an encyclopedic series that will empower the masses by putting the law, and the knowledge of how to use it, in their hands. As a speaker, she has used her platform as a young African-American female entrepreneur to lead, coach, and inspire hundreds of women at area conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Attorney Oaks is the host of her very own morning radio talk show called, The Misty Oaks Experience. The show is being shopped for national syndication, but can presently be heard only on Sensation Station Network, which has quickly become the number one internet hip-hop and R&B station in Atlanta. The show’s format is a mixture of everything that Attorney Oaks is — a spirited woman, without a doubt. The Misty Oaks Experience airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST on

If you are looking for more information on this young dynamo, please take a look at The Oaks Firm’s website, You can also read her innermost thoughts on her blog, Mutterings of A Mastermind, at And don’t be a stranger! Please become a fan of her Facebook page, Who Is Misty Oaks? And follow her on Twitter @whoismistyoaks.

Attorney Misty A. Oaks will be featured in the 2012 People You Need to Know Magazine – Leading Ladies Edition.

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