Transforming Women Entrepreneurs Event Focuses on Marketing


When women gather together to talk about business, you’d better believe there will be excitement in the air and you will leave with some valuable information that can be applied immediately. Once again, this held true on June 3, 2011. The Commerce Club, Atlanta’s elegant and stylish meeting place for people who are making things happen in the metro area was the site for the quarterly Transforming Women Entrepreneurs (TWE) symposium.

Nancy Lewis, (pictured above) the Founder of TWE and the President of Progressive Techniques, Inc., was the host of this much-anticipated and inspiring quarterly event, especially designed to help women entrepreneurs succeed. Nancy is one of the newest members of the People You Need to Know Magazine Network of first-class women-owned businesses in metro Atlanta. Her company, Progressive Techniques Inc., is a leader in “Developing a Better You” and her A-list clients such as Delta Airlines, AT&T, Chick-fil-A and many more, rave about her energetic, uplifting and inspiring presentations. Nancy Lewis is a leading motivational/inspirational speaker, trainer, business coach and author. She is well-connected and immensely respected in the metro Atlanta business community.

At People You Need to Know Magazine, we were honored to be a media partner at this phenomenal event. The topic for the morning was “Leveraging Sales & Marketing for Profitability and Business Success.”

The program began promptly at 8:30am with Nancy Lewis welcoming and thanking everyone for coming out to the TWE quarterly meeting. She also gave special recognition to her sponsors for supporting her in her efforts to make a difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs.

At 8:50am, a delicious classic plated American breakfast was served to the esteemed guests and at 9:25am, Nancy introduced one of Atlanta’s favorite personalities, Ms. Tawanda Black, Director of Community Affairs for KISS 104.1 FM in Atlanta. Ms. Black took over as the moderator for the rest of the program. She did an outstanding job introducing the panelists and keeping the program moving along smoothly.

The first panelist to be introduced was Shani T. Godwin, President of Communiqué. Her company offers Strategic Marketing for growing businesses. Shani spoke about “Building Brand Equity.” She believes that building a brand is the same as building any long-term investment. Ms. Godwin pointed out that you should never compromise your brand, and that consistency is essential to your brand building success.

Shani shared her list of low-cost ways to invest in your brand. First, she suggested that when it comes to your brand, you must be consistent with your colors. If your colors are red and white, be sure to stay consistent with everything you do in your branding efforts. Secondly, have key messages that build upon your brand’s strength. Third, make sure everyone in your organization speaks with a united voice about your product or service. Fourth, create messages that resonate with your audience. Fifth, create brand guidelines. Sixth, ask yourself — who do you want to be in the future? Seventh, understand that you don’t have to be everything to all people. Eighth, create marketing materials that have the same look and feel. And last but not least, know who you are when it comes to your brand.

The second panelist to be introduced was Marilynn Mobley, Senior Vice President/Strategic Counsel at Edelman, the world’s largest PR Firm. Edelman has 3,600 employees in 53 offices worldwide. They were named Adverting Age’s PR Firm of the decade. Marilynn talked about “What it Takes to Get the PR to Get You What You Want.” She said that after all is said and done, what people really want more than anything else in business is significance. People want to feel like they really do matter. She encouraged the attendees to be thought leaders. Marilynn did a great job of revealing to the group what the media outlets ultimately want . . . which is, what can you contribute that will make them look really smart? The media, she says, are more interested in helping their readers and viewers, and not just you. Her remarkable insight into the PR world was very informative.

Marilynn believes that media is merging and converging; furthermore, as a result of this new paradigm that we are experiencing today, reporters are looking for reliable sources who know what the trends are, who understand that as thought leaders you must stay in front of reporters because they are very busy, and they are also looking for people who embrace the power of social media. Reporters are getting their sources online at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more, she noted. She told the attendees to think of themselves as a resource for clients and media. When it comes to your industry, Marilynn says that you should find out who covers it, and who writes about your industry and subject matter. In addition, find out what’s interesting to a reporter and figure out how you can be of service to them. In closing, she suggested to the attendees that they follow the media as well as pay attention to how the media is changing.

The final panelist to be introduced was Tamiko Leverette, MPA, President, Nonprofit Dreams, LLC. Ms. Leverette also produces a weekly television show called Dreams Are Not For Profit. Tamiko’s presentation was about how for-profit businesses can work with non-profits to save on their marketing. She said business owners should find non-profits to work with or start one of their own. Furthermore, her past experience with non-profits taught her that there are great opportunities for marketing partnerships and a chance to save money and support your community at the same time. It’s a win-win for the non-profit and the business owner because the non-profit gets much needed financial assistance and the tax benefit is great for the business owner because they can write-off the financial contribution.

Ms. Leverette noted that Cause-Related Marketing is always great for business. What Cause-Related Marketing does is let people know that your organization supports a particular cause such as Habitat for Humanity or the United Way. Tamiko encouraged the audience members to partner with non-profits in their small business marketing efforts because they may have the additional resources that your small business may not have, especially during these unstable economic times.

A memorable quote she shared with the attendees was, “The non-profits’ mission is not to make money, but that is not to say they can’t make money.” Tamiko stated that there are 65,000 non-profits in the state of Georgia, and when deciding to partner with a non-profit, it is extremely important to target groups you’re trying to reach. For instance, If you’re trying to reach teachers, target non-profits that work with teachers.

In closing, she said when it comes to non-profit partnerships, most for-profit business owners really need to take a closer look at how this relationship could really help grow their business.

At the end of the panel presentations, the audience members were given the opportunity to ask the panelists a few questions. And after the question and answer session came to a close, it was time for the door prizes to be given away. Nancy Lewis picked the lucky winners of the door prizes by drawing names on business cards from a basket. All sorts of prizes were given away, from make-overs, coaching sessions, gift-bags, books, skin care products and more.

As usual, our People You Need to Know Magazine display table was set-up and ready to welcome all who stopped by to visit with us. One of the first people to stop by our table to say hello was Ms. Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly, (pictured left) President of Caribbean-American Business Connections. Sebrena is one of the newest members of the People You Need to Know Magazine Network of first-class women-owned businesses in metro Atlanta. She will be featured in our upcoming Leading Ladies in Business edition. At the end of the program, many of the attendees stayed around for awhile to network/make new business contacts, and several wanted to find out more about our magazine.

We’d like to give special recognition to a few people whom we had the pleasure of meeting at the event …

  • Joanne W. Trawick, Beauty Consultant/President-Aularale Skin Care & Cosmetics
  • Doris Taylor, President-4 Rivers Management Worldwide,LLC.
  • Tom E. McBeth, Executive Director-Real Parents, Inc.
  • Dona Cage, President/CEO-Turnkey Solutions, LLC.
  • Carline Robertson, Photographer-Images by Patrick & Carline
  • Josephine D. Crawford, PhD,President-Coaching and Training for Success, LLC
  • Letia M. Scales, Certified Image Consultant-e-modeinc
  • Darrell L. Thomas, Vice President (BRM)-Wells Fargo
  • Marlene Kelly, President & CEO-Exhibits South
  • Tanesha Clancy, Mentor-Just Us Girls, Inc.
  • Patricia Winbush, Education Consultant-Real Parents, Inc.

Once again, People You Need to Know Magazine would like to congratulate Ms. Nancy Lewis for putting together this incredibly exciting, informative and uplifting event that is sure to help many of the people who attended leverage their sales and marketing efforts. If you missed this event, don’t forget to mark your calendar for September 16, 2011, in order to attend the next TWE quarterly program.

People You Need to Know Magazine
Member: Atlanta Press Club
Winner: Best Promoter, New America Media
Recipient: Atlanta’s Prestigious Phoenix Award

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