Patrina King Gives Kids Hope and the Information to Soar!


Patrina King grew up in a small town in Georgia called Eatonton. Even as a small child, with limited access to resources that would encourage broader thinking, she believed it was her destiny to educate herself and to help other young people in her town fully understand that the world was bigger than their backyard.

She attended Devry University as well as Keller Graduate School in Alpharetta, Georgia, and studied Technical Management with a concentration in Human Resources. As Patrina found her way in the world, accomplishing many of her own goals and becoming a parent, she felt compelled to reach back to places like Eatonton. She wanted to inspire some of the young children to believe that they could achieve their dreams.

Experience has taught Ms. King that getting young people to embrace the fact that so many opportunities exist, is a quite challenge. She states, “Just because I’m passionate about it, and just because the services and information are available, they are not always ready to receive the benefits. Exposing kids to new things and showing them that there can be a better life ahead for them is not always easy. But it’s possible.”

When asked what advice she would give to parents who wanted to start paving a road that would help their kids become successful, Patrina says, “I usually advise them to make sure their kids experience as many things as possible outside of their environment, and most important, actually listen to them. Hear what your kids have to say.” She encourages parents to reach out to get help from someone like a family member, whom the child looks up to. Patrina believes family members and positive outside influences can sometimes have a greater influence on a child when it comes to helping them stay on course.

At her company, PK, The Human Resource, Ms. King stays busy with Core Verification Services, which does pre-employment background screenings for employers who are looking for the best people to employ and work on their team. She also works on various other projects with other HR professionals. In addition, she helps professionals such as doctors, lawyers and other trade professionals brand themselves so they can stretch out and create more opportunities for themselves inside and outside of their field.

Though Patrina has a busy lifestyle, she still finds time to help children along the way by inspiring their young minds, encouraging them to reach higher heights, live their dreams and SOAR!

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