What Makes Your Heart Sing?


At one of our events, Ms. Rebecca McClain, Atlanta’s top Business and Personal Coach sponsored a local artist for three hours at our People You Need to Know Booth.

I watched as each person sat in the chair and told the artist what brought them the most joy in their lives so he could capture it on the canvas. For some, it was traveling, or shopping, for others, it was singing, sports or reading. The point is, each person shared their heart’s song.

What was so amazing to me is the great joy that was displayed on their faces and the gleam I saw in their eyes when they saw their passion set to illustration. It was quite a transformation.

This made me wonder … why don’t we pursue the things that really bring us joy? Why do we wander and meander through life from day to day, accepting a seemingly miserable fate, sometimes allowing fear to wreck our entire existence?

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’ve lost your way and need someone to help you get on a path that will bring you the most joy or help you become more productive in life, hire Rebecca McClain to help you get there. It’s HER passion!

– Jacqueline


Rebecca McClain is the founder of Life Treasures LLC. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach, she inspires people all across the nation and internationally. In November 2009, she launched the online networking platform, Build A Thriving Business Network, for women and minorities in business. Look for her on the next cover of People You Need to Know. She can be reached at (678) 289-0148.

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3 had something to say.
  1. VanillaSeven

    Very inspiring interview. Thanks for dropping by Jacqueline. :)

  2. PYNTK

    Well, it's hard to resist stopping by to check out your spectacular photos. You have a great talent.

    Also, I agree. Rebecca McClain's interview was very inspirational. :-)

  3. RE- BadGalsRadio.com

    Rebecca is very interesting. I saw she made this cover of the 2011 PYNTK Magazine - Spectacular.

    I agree that the expansion of thought into action is truly the way to achieve your loftiest goals. That's how it works and that's what we all need to do - Make Our Hearts Sing.

    Great Post Ms J


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