October 24, 2015 :: You Revealed Ex-Conference Invitation


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InView Empowerment Presents You Revealed Experiential Conference: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Power 

Essence Editor Emerita Susan L. Taylor and Spiritual Teacher Marianne Williamson are keynote speakers!

ATLANTA – Over 300 professional and entrepreneurial-minded women will gather for an exciting one-day interactive symposium entitled, You Revealed Experiential Conference: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Power on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Loudermilk Conference Center, 40 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Georgia, at 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tickets: http://yourevealed.inviewempowerment.com

Presented by InView Empowerment and Naledge in Action (NIA), You Revealed Experiential Conference (Ex-Conference) is designed to address the health and emotional needs of women who want to enjoy the benefits of lower stress, higher personal and professional achievement and greater satisfaction in all relationships.

The Ex-Conference will feature pre-recorded welcome remarks from world-renowned spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, and during the event luncheon, Essence Editor Emerita Susan L. Taylor will be on-hand to deliver keynote remarks.

“There is a pervasive need for women to reclaim their personal power; the power that only comes from being emotionally self-aware and authentically who she is,” said Tracey Knight, founder and president of InView Empowerment. “Many of us are functioning on a wing and a prayer – juggling the countless demands on our energy. The Ex-Conference gives women the tools and support system to step back, take a self-assessment and do the inner work that will bring them back to center and into balance.”

Throughout the day, InView Empowerment will provide a team of transformational life coaches who will help equip Ex-Conference participants with tools to develop healthier lifestyle habits while tapping into their personal power. The You Revealed Ex-Conference will also teach attendees how to improve themselves and address complex and sometimes sensitive personal and professional issues through hands-on activities that promote self-exploration and practice. These unique experiences jump start the journey to forming new habits in a safe, fun and highly interactive environment. Additionally, an optional 40-Day post conference support program is offered to Ex-Conference participants.

“This important work promises to empower women of diverse backgrounds, between the ages of 25-65, to live a happier, healthier, more holistic lifestyle that is in alignment with the mission, values, and vision she wants for herself,” said Ms. Knight.

A portion of the proceeds from the Ex-Conference will benefit Naledge in Action (NIA), a non-profit workforce development program that is devoted to helping post-secondary bound students overcome the barriers to college completion and career readiness. NIA targets economically disadvantaged students and helps them define a purpose-driven career pathway, earn money for school, and obtain real-world work experiences that cultivate transferrable 21st Century skills that are vital in any position.

For more information and to register for the You Revealed Ex-Conference: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Power, visit http://yourevealed.inviewempowerment.com



Tracey Knight - People You Need to Know Magazine

About Tracey Knight

Tracey Knight is President/CEO of InView Empowerment, a people development company.  She has built an international network of lifestyle practitioners dedicated to addressing the health and emotional needs of people who want to enjoy the benefits of lower stress, higher personal and professional achievement and greater satisfaction in all relationships. Tracey’s success as an international trainer, speaker and certified empowerment coach is only exceeded by her ambition to surpass all previous career milestones.

Passionate about mentoring youth of color, Tracey served as executive producer of an innovative multi-media platform that teaches entrepreneurship and co-produced two resource books focused on “wealth creation” which were distributed in 3000 Bank of America centers.  Most notably, her work with the National CARES Mentoring Movement has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show for its impact in the African-American community.  Tracey is credited with raising millions of dollars for charity and has also led multiple nonprofit boards including the State of Georgia’s Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Transition Board.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and a graduate of Central State University and Xavier University in Ohio.

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