OB/GYN Women Specialists of Georgia, PC ~ Sponsors Helping Women Succeed Spring Summit


We are proud to announce that OB/GYN Women Specialists of Georgia, PC is the Platinum Sponsor of the 4th Annual “Helping Women Succeed” in Atlanta ~ Spring Empowerment Summit. Dr. Vintonne Naiden is the Medical Director.

Born in New York, Dr. Vintonne Naiden attended a boarding school in sunny Jamaica and eventually moved back to the United States. She received her medical training at Case Western Reserve University, one of the top schools in the country.

When it comes to compassion, care and concern for her patients, Dr. Naiden delivers it well. An OB/GYN in metro Atlanta, she has been in practice for the past 30 years. Whether it’s breast cancer, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, memory loss or even food sensitivity testing, Dr. Naiden considers it an honor to educate the people she serves about the importance of maintaining good overall health.

When asked how women can decrease their risk of getting breast cancer, she stated, “Basically, you decrease your risk by making sure your Vitamin D level is 55 to 65, by changing your lifestyle, by making sure that your weight is optimal, and by doing certain tests that will tell you your risks for developing breast cancer. One test is the Estronex test, which measures different levels of estrogen in the body, so you can find out if you are at increased risk. Certain types of estrogen levels will make you more prone to developing breast cancer.”

Dr. Naiden also shared some important information about gluten. “If I could tell every person in the United States to not use gluten, in any form, people would lose weight. If you avoid the foods that have gluten in them, such as breads, pastas … I mean it’s just incredible how much of our foods have gluten. If you stop eating gluten, if you eliminate gluten from your diet completely and change your way of eating, you can lose 20 to 30 pounds.”

Meditation is a very important method when it comes to relieving stress and Dr. Naiden strongly encourages her patients to meditate daily. She shared, “Meditation is really good for hypertension and for obesity because you want to decrease stress. So, if people were to meditate 12 minutes every day, their memory could improve and they could reduce their risk of developing hypertension.“

One by one, Dr. Naiden mentions the ailments that plague people the most and by and large she stated that they could be reduced or prevented by diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Naiden also enthusiastically shared some advice for women business owners who are just starting out, such as:  

1) Be passionate about the business you’re going to start.

2) You must believe it will succeed.

3) If you know people who have the same type of business, they’re definitely worth consulting.

Give Dr. Vintonne Naiden’s office a call to learn more about how you can stay healthy and live a more abundant life.

OB/GYN Women Specialists of Georgia, PC
“Women Dedicated to Women’s Health Care”
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