A New Hope


It is a good thing to stay tuned-in to what is impacting our community and our world. Unfortunately, an overload of sad news can leave us feeling uninspired, hopeless, and just plain tired.

Lately, for me, the community and world news both seem to be more overwhelming than usual. There seems to be more despair in the air due to the recent earthquake in Haiti, violent storms, floods, and now, the earthquake in Chile. All of this sad news, in addition to the current economic situation that many people are facing, is leading to feelings of emptiness and despair.

Every once in a while, I believe we need a new hope. We need a hope that can keep us motivated even when the dust gets in our eyes and our vision seems to get cloudy. We need a new hope that will keep us going in the midst of life’s setbacks and challenges. We need a hope that will remind us that if we keep putting one foot in front of the other, not only will we move forward, but we will also prevail.

Where can we find this new hope?

The only place I can find it is . . . inside. I believe if we keep looking within, we can find our way. Every day must be symbolic of a new beginning. This is a journey for us all. We may not be in full control of where it leads us, but we can grab hold of a belief that we WILL make it through.

– Jacqueline

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7 had something to say.
  1. heidi

    You hit the nail on the head !!! Really needed this so thank you!! Great post!!

  2. Daddy Forever

    I hope to find the hope within me soon. It's been a tough year.

  3. PYNTK

    Hello Heidi,
    You're welcome! Words have healing power.

  4. PYNTK

    You'll find it ... besides, it's already there. Also, you're not alone in your discontentment. The best thing is ... it will eventually pass.

    Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  5. OrdinaryBiscuit

    Definitely one great post. Thanks for the positive thoughts. :)

  6. PYNTK

    You're welcome. It's my pleasure. :-)

  7. Jonan Castillon

    There is always joy and enthusiasm when you are motivated and inspired. Yes, I agree with you that hope is found on oneself, being conscious that you are alive and you have a life to live is a great source of motivation to do something for yourself and for humanity.


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