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Spark Plug: Welcome to People You Need to Know on Spark Plug Radio. I’m your host, Spark Plug, publisher of Metro Atlanta’s premier business spotlight publication where we proudly introduce you to People You Need to Know.

In this segment, we are going to be talking about seven things you need to know in order to have a successful career in modeling. My guest today is an Atlanta, Georgia, native. She is a former fashion runway model and gospel singer. Currently, she is the CEO of RRS Talent & Modeling Agency. I am pleased to have on the phone today, a woman who has over 25 years of experience in the modeling industry, Ms. Sharon Hayes-Terrell … welcome to the show.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Thank you so much. How are you this morning?

Spark Plug: I’m fantastic and I’m trying to get better.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Great.

Spark Plug: Sharon, let’s get right into it.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Okay.

Spark Plug: Describe the different types of models. Is there a need for most people?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: There is a need for almost everyone. The fashion industry has many looks. Of course, everyone is familiar with the Tyra Banks and the Gisele Bündchen look. They have graced the catwalks for Victoria’s Secret, Cover Girl, Max Morrow and many other people. However, there are full-figured models, commercial models, lifestyle, glamour, swimsuit, body parts, and of course, our kids and our trade shows. So there are very, very many different facets in this industry.

Spark Plug: Is it necessary to have a head shot and can anyone take it for you?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: It is necessary to have a good and clean head shot. However, you might not want your uncle taking it unless he’s a photographer. It is good just to go into a studio and ask for a nice head shot and make sure that you have fresh makeup on, and of course, nice and clean hair with a great hairstyle.

Spark Plug: Are head shots expensive?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: They can be, but if you get one, you want to try to stay in the range of around $60 just for the head shot. They can charge you anywhere from $60 to $150 for your head shots, and of course, when you are doing a session photo shoot, it’s going to cost quite a bit more.

Spark Plug: Well, some people say that you should do research on the agency, if possible. What type of research is necessary and when should you do it?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: It’s best to do your research before you go into the agency. However, if you do not get that chance to do that, then once you get there, ask specific questions. It’s good to know whether or not they charge you for getting your photos, whether or not they charge for doing any training, or if they immediately ask for $1,500 up front — just turn around and walk out the door.

Spark Plug: Well, what kind of look should a potential model have?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Because there are so many different looks, you want to make sure that you know your look because there is a look for various people with various lifestyles that can be done in almost any book. If you think about the magazines such as Upscale Magazine, one of the popular ones in Atlanta, they do a lot of shows or a lot of pictures in their books that have the smaller models. But if you look at a book such as H2O and that is a different type of style, it’s a sport-type magazine and they have, instead of having those big buff women, they only have the nice, petite women. They are actually ladies in their 30s.

Spark Plug: Wow. Well, how important is confidence and how can a person’s confidence be displayed?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: You need to exude that confidence the moment you walk into that agency. You can tell the difference when you are sitting there as the interviewer — if they are paying attention, if they are watching you, if they are being exact with their answers, telling you, “Yes, I’ve worked. I’ve done runway. I’ve done trade shows.” And to see the excitement, whether or not they really enjoy doing what they do. Just by watching their mannerisms, seeing whether or not they have good eye contact or they are looking down at their own pictures or they are fidgeting, it’s similar to an interview for any other job.

Spark Plug: You have also mentioned that if you want a career in modeling, you must listen and prepare to work hard. What are the things one must listen for?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: You want to listen to, number one, the cost. You have to be prepared to invest in yourself or have someone . . . your parents, husband, significant other, prepared to invest in you. And when I say invest in you, I mean your photographs. That’s as much investment as you need because we have tricks of the trade when it comes to the clothing that we wear. You also want to listen to the instructions that the individual is telling you. If I have a client and they want a particular look, then I would tell my model, “I want you to wear skinny jeans, a nice shirt, and three-inch heels.”  Make sure you have a swimsuit underneath or take it with you. That way, you are prepared and you are listening to everything they want you to do.

If you are doing a show that’s at Macy’s or Neiman Marcus, an important thing to do if you are a female is to make sure that your undergarments match. The people they have there are going to be watching that, and that information gets back to the management of the agency. So you want to look good from inside out and follow every direction that I give you because I’m not going to tell you anything wrong because it makes me look bad.

Spark Plug: Sharon, you believe that when you embark on a modeling career, you shouldn’t expect to become an overnight success. Why shouldn’t a person expect to be rewarded instantly?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: That happens one out of a hundred. You can’t expect that, because it takes so long. You have to pay your dues, in other words. Some people start from the bottom and it takes them 20 years to make it. Some people start today and they are a success overnight, but it doesn’t happen for everyone. For instance, Samuel Jackson started in the movies. He didn’t become an overnight success. He worked at Krystal’s. Jim Carey and so many other people didn’t start as that. Tyra Banks, of course, is a different story. She got in with the right agency, Elite, of course, and she had a great look at the right time and exploded. But there is a lot of work that even after she got into it that she had to put into it. She had to stay up late. She had to work hard. She had to photo shoot — and it didn’t matter whether there were ants running or bugs running around or it gets dark, it’s cold, with things like that. It’s a lot of work. It’s not just the glamour part that you see once they are on the runway or once they are in a Revlon commercial or anything of that nature.

Spark Plug: Sharon, is the term “Supermodel” overused today?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: It really can be, but there are some supermodels out there that don’t claim to be supermodels and there are some supermodels out there that don’t know that they are supermodels, and then there are some supermodels that are just divas, so they expect to be known as supermodels instantly.

Spark Plug: Who are a few of the true supermodels today?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Of course, you have Gisele and Tyra Banks. Now, one of these supermodels are right here in Atlanta. Her name is Inez, and Inez has been seen in almost everything, but they get confused with her name. She’s been on Jet, Upscale and Delta SkyMiles.  She models for Macy’s. In fact, she was one of Atlanta’s most beautiful women.

Spark Plug: Wow.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Yeah.

Spark Plug: So where can people go to see a picture of Inez?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: I think that the best place to see a picture of Inez would be at Elite Model Network because she is a top model for Elite. That’s why I think she is a top model. She is a supermodel because Elite is the top agency for Atlanta, for New York, and for Europe.

Spark Plug: Sharon, please tell our listeners, before we wrap up, how you can be reached for more information.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: My email is sharon(at) or All of the interviews are by appointment only, so we do ask that you call and set up that appointment.

Spark Plug: And finally, what’s the best advice you would like to leave any potential model with today?

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Be prepared, make sure that you want to do this work, that you can work hard and be dedicated. Don’t expect overnight success and don’t let anyone else push you to do something that you don’t really want to do. For instance, your mom may want you to be a model because she wanted to be one once upon a time, don’t do that. Make sure it’s for yourself.

Spark Plug: Alright, well, Ms. Sharon Hayes-Terrell, CEO of RRS Talent & Modeling Agency, thank you for being with us today.

Sharon Hayes-Terrell: Thank you so much for having me, Spark Plug.

Spark Plug: My pleasure. You’ve been listening to People You Need to Know on Spark Plug Radio. I’d like to thank my executive producer, Ms. Jacqueline-Benjamin Thomas, for another great job. For information about us, log onto Until next time, always remember that you can add a spark to whatever you do, and thanks for tuning in.

Interviewed: May/2008

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