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Looking for some small business marketing strategies that can help you succeed? Tune in to this informative and inspiring interview with Ms. Melanie Robinson.

Marketing Cafe owner, Melanie Robinson, is a guiding light for small business owners, no matter their challenges, no matter their budget. With an MBA and a passion for entrepreneurship, this Atlanta Marketing guru, along with her team of professionals at Marketing Cafe bring over 40 years of experience from major corporations, ad agencies and marketing firms. Her team will put their years of corporate experience to work for your small business and help you move to the next level.

Ms. Robinson believes real marketing success requires that a company understand your company at its core; who you are, your core values, your company’s personality and your short and long-term goals and expectations. Her company does this through a unique set of activities that translate into a four-step approach:

1. Educate: arm entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge by constantly educating them on the many layers of marketing.

2. Strategize: plan for success by developing sound marketing strategies that meet the needs of the business and are flexible enough to accommodate marketplace shifts.

3. Systemize: develop a marketing system to support the strategic vision and goals that is easy to follow, understand and measure.

4. Support: provide needed support and guidance via coaching and mentoring along the way.

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