Meet Atlanta’s Talented LadySonya: People You Need to Know Magazine Spotlight


Often mistaken for a fashion model, LadySonya is a celebrity piano instructor, with a lively girl next door attitude. However anyone views her, this young lady is establishing her brand as a music mogul, exercising her inner power to become highly successful.

An extraordinary talent in the music industry, LadySonya has aspirations to use her skills to chase her dreams while inspiring others as well. She currently gives piano lessons to aspiring music producers/artists as well as major music producers and artists in the industry via LadySonya Music Studio, in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2007, LadySonya, a Georgia Peach native from Columbus, Georgia, and transfer student from Troy University to Georgia State University, began her life shift of miserably working 2-3 part-time jobs to prosper through college. In less than one year of living in Atlanta, LadySonya quit her part-time job as a stock person for Ross Department Store and decided to follow her dreams of being in the music industry. With no money saved, nothing but a Radio-Shack 76-key keyboard, and one year of college experience, she decided to start her own business of teaching piano lessons. She found a contract position to teach at Tarang School of Music & Arts, Suwanee, Georgia, and began to make her mark. LadySonya also found various online sites to assist with marketing her newly established company.

Many supporters on social media such as Facebook and Twitter began to take notice of LadySonya’s swift entrepreneurial progression, and in May of 2009, LadySonya held her 1st Annual Spring Recital for LadySonya Music Studio Company. The event inspired 75+ guests to attend. As the company started blooming even more, she began to hold recitals twice a year, one in May and the other in December, filling the venue with up to 150+ guests per show.

In 2011, LadySonya decided to take her name to the next level by writing her life story/testimony of how she went through 7 part-times jobs in a one-year span, along with almost giving up everything to move back to Columbus (Read story on

During the summer months of 2011, LadySonya organized her very own Network ( to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the music industry by encouraging them to constantly gain valuable information to guide them along the way.

It is dedication, drive, and determination that lead the role-model “LadySonya” to reach out to her numerous supporters and fans by creating an Annual Vision Board Extravaganza (2012) to empower others to follow their dreams. In addition, she annually hosts two music recitals for students to grow out of being shy musicians, and created Lady University Movement to mentor young and older ladies desiring to become leaders. LadySonya also appears frequently at events as a motivational speaker and serves on panels as an entrepreneurial inspirational expert.

“Shut Up and Drive” is the mental note that pushed LadySonya to the next level to be more than a piano teacher, but a business lady with ongoing dreams of being the next Oprah, with the diva attitude of Beyonce, and musician skills of Alicia Keys. She works day in and day out to build her empire.

With a strong family and spiritual backbone, LadySonya believes her ultimate purpose in life is to indeed inspire others to stay focused.

Whether you view LadySonya, as a musician, artist, entrepreneur, model or even social networker, know that she is on top of her business/brand and she’s working hard to touch lives like never before, while making her dreams become a reality.

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3 had something to say.
  1. Barbara Ivey

    Sonya, I am so very proud of you. Stay focused, keep God first in all that you do and the sky is the limit.......You Go Girl Love Auntie........

  2. Stacey Copeland

    Congratulations on all of the success that God is blessing you with. Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Tawanda Robbins

    Awesome! Put God in charge of your work, then what you've planned will take place. Proverbs 16:3


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