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“Don’t get so caught up in the Game that you don’t have time for meditation and prayer.” ~Karen St. Hilaire

A popular answer to ‘how’s work’ or ‘how’s life’ is usually something in the area of — “I’m in the game or I’m in the fight.”

In the song ‘Upgrade You’, Beyonce’ sings “… Focus on your focus I can keep you.” In this verse, she is telling her guy to do what you need to do to be successful and I will take care of you. We all know that it’s a good thing to be on an intense grind in order to attain the lifestyle that we want. We read magazines like Robb Report, Town & Country, The Economist, and we thumb through the pages of Uptown, Vogue and Essence in order stay informed about ‘what’s going on’ in our world and the one that we are working towards. Some of these magazines keep us current and others keep us moving fiercely forward.

But …

At what time do you stop and meditate on the journey. And this does not include being on a date where you are discussing your life with that potential partner. It does not include movie night at your home or hanging with the fellas talking about your winnings and losses from then to now. I mean, being alone in a space where it’s just you and your thoughts. A space where you become one with the universe so much so that you transition to that ultra level where you are at total peace and in prayer.

Your prayers should echo every aspect of your journey from the day you decided on your goal and starting on the journey to achieving it, up to your current position. You want to express gratitude for what you have encountered, endured and will experience as you move onward and upward.

You want your meditative time to reflect that you are thankful, humbled and speaking in earnest.

This act does not have to take a day, an afternoon, an hour or any set amount of time. It can be one minute in length, you will know the right amount of time that you need to converse with God.

Five tips on how to make this happen at your home or outdoors.


You have some free time to yourself, which may be just when you get up (or wake up 15 minutes earlier) or it may be at the end of your day.

1. Turn off communication devices, television and radio.
2. Find an area that has no clutter. (You can light a candle and add nature sounds.)
3. Sit in a comfortable chair. (You may choose to kneel, lay down or sit in lotus position.)
4. Sit still with your eyes closed. Take 3 deep breaths and then find your breathing pattern.
5. Recite your prayer of meditation in your head


Let’s say that you are out on a morning/evening jog or you may even have been on the treadmill at the gym or in your home. You can use that time to get centered and meditate.

1. Find your ‘rhythm’ as you run.
2. Feel the breeze on your body and around you.
3. Listen to the wind as it blows past your ears.
4. Listen to your breathing pattern, become aware of your pace and how it cuts through the wind.
5. Recite your prayer of meditation in your head.


You may be in a place where a lake, pond or the ocean is accessible. You can just sit, watch and listen to the water and get lost in the moment.

1. Find an area to sit: bench, ground, railing or on the rocks.
2. Watch the ripples of the water as the current passes through – capture the moment.
3. Listen to the sound of water splashing.
4. Close your eyes but keep the picture and take 3 deep breathes.
5. Recite your prayer of meditation in your head

When you are finished with the prayer, begin to notice the elements around you. If any idle thoughts come into the forefront, simply recite the prayer again and find your breathing pattern.

This morning, I decided to start my morning run a bit earlier than usual. Because it is so hot in NYC, I didn’t want the sun to preempt my attempt to get the miles in. I found myself getting into a steady pace a lot quicker than usual and my breathing was in sync with my pace. I felt the breeze blow against my skin and listened as it echoed a slight ‘swoosh’ against my ears. I said my short prayer, kept my pace, noticed my breathing and then I saw the birds. I saw two birds flittering around the track right along with me and the stayed with me until my session was over. I also noticed something that I had not seen in my neck of the woods in a long time, the sunrise.  Yes, it rises every morning – but this morning was different, nature was responding to my prayer, allowing me to see the beauty in that moment.

So the next time someone asks you ‘how’s work’ or ‘how’s life’ you may find yourself saying: “I am thankful to be in the game”, “I am blessed to be in the fight and winning!”

Sometimes, it just takes a minute of gratitude to open doors to more blessings.

Karen St. Hilaire is the founder of Kadence, LLC. Kadence is a coaching and empowerment firm dedicated to encouraging individuals to identify their passions and talents with the hope that these qualities become an integral part of their lives.

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  1. Celebrity Catwalk

    Excellent! Find that focusing, breathing & 'quiet time' really help!!!


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