Manana’s Healing House: Healing with Food from the Ground


Why is there such an interest in nutrition these days? Manana, owner of Manana’s Healing House, believes it’s because people are getting more ill – and at younger ages.

“Most of us are so ill now,” she says. “When I teach classes and ask how many have hypertension, diabetes or heart disease, the majority of the people raise their hands. Not too many years ago, we didn’t get ill until our 50s and 60s, now people in their 20s and 30s are becoming ill.”

Manana points out that our grandparents grew fruits and vegetables out of the ground. Today, people go out to eat, often consuming fast food instead of cooking at home. If they do cook at home, many consume packaged foods, instead of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, the obesity epidemic in America is making people more susceptible to diseases.

“We pay more attention to what gas we put in the car,” she explains. “You have to stop eating food God did not grow for us. I’m very passionate about that.”

Manana’s fascination with the body has taken her down different paths, including working as a paramedic and a fitness instructor. In 2000, she added a comprehensive study of herbs and their healing effects on the body and traveled around the world studying under the guidance of many of the world’s leading herbalists. Then in 2004, Manana opened her first “Healing House” in Georgia.

During a Healing House visit, Manana shares her knowledge about nutrition, helps families clean out refrigerators and cabinets, shows them how to buy healthy foods at grocery stores for reasonable prices, and visits a Farmer’s Market. Her goal is to go into as many homes as possible and help people learn to eat healthier so they can live more fulfilling lives.

Manana believes food can heal you and people can get off medications, especially for hypertension and diabetes by eating healthy, exercising, and breathing properly. In fact, she says “helping people heal” is the best part of her job. 770-882-1659

Source: People You Need to Know
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  1. Jamielah Mikal

    Manana I lost you. I've would like to do some jazz and let you do the food like we did at Paas. Where are you? email me or call me @770-744-9849

  2. Dr. Norman B. Ringgold

    Saw your interview on Atlanta TV. Will call next week; interested in nutrition, wholeness etc.


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