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In the party planning world, there are several elements that can easily be overlooked when trying to host a great event. Here are five key elements that if done the right way, can truly make a party an unforgettable experience.


An event planner that I once worked with who served as a great teacher and mentor told me, “Plan every event as if you’re putting on the event for the president.” The goal is for guests to leave not simply satisfied, but overjoyed. It is imperative to exceed their expectations and create an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Glassware must be spotless and free of fingerprints and dust. Props and decorations must be secure and never fall out of place. Smart space planning of furniture must be well thought-out, for the purposes of aesthetic value, convenience, and safety. The party area must be clean, free of trash and organized at all times.


It’s been said many times, it doesn’t matter where the party is, as long as you have the right people. This can be true in many situations, but is not always the case. Many parties have taken place where guests do not know one another. In a situation like this, people tend to stay segregated in their cliques and make no attempt to talk or interact with new people. This is why additional activities should be planned into the schedule. Games and contests can be great fun for both kids and adult parties. Certain amenities such as a pool, game room, or a dance floor are great central meeting spots that encourage guest interaction. The buffet and the bar should also be strategically placed because most conversations take place around food or drink.


Creating the perfect ambiance for the perfect party makes all the difference. This includes all forms of lighting, music, accessories, and the attire worn by guests. It is important to remember that each event is unique and the setting and style must be tailored to each particular event. For instance, at certain events it would be more appropriate to have a candlelit environment to convey a romantic tone, as opposed to artificial colored lighting to encourage dancing at a high-energy celebration.


In the catering world, presentation is everything. All food must look appealing and taste even better. Something may taste delicious, but no one would try it if it looks like a messy concoction of ingredients thrown together.

Not only should it look tempting to guests, but small finishing touches can give dishes artistic flair and personalize the cuisine. Also, keep in mind that the beverages served should always compliment what is on the menu to create a robust and perfect combination of flavors for your palette.


What truly makes an event magical to guests is their sense of feeling welcomed as if their arrival was highly anticipated by many. For all crowds, large and small, it helps to envision each event as targeting a certain “market.” Each group has individual needs or preferences when it comes to food, music, and activities. It helps to know the audience and what they expect to get out of attending a party.

One’s job as a host is to be delightful, warm, and welcoming to every single guest who attends an event. Just by sending a warm greeting or periodically making small conversation with guests touches people and makes them feel like an important part of any occasion.


– Ingrid Priscilla Wiggberg is a successful Event Planner in metro Atlanta who specializes in dream parties and dream weddings.

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8 had something to say.
  1. Lize

    Great advice whether you are planning a large event or a small one. We often forget the great art of hosting at small intimate parties such as birthdays. Even a birthday party for an infant can be made a great success by being the perfect host.

  2. RE - A BadGalSays

    excellent advice. the activities suggestions are especially nice. I went to a wine tasting once where they had the wines on the table and you just walked up and got a glass; no info on the wine, and not much discussing the wines amongst the guests who by midway through the wine tasting were starting to exibit signs of oh ohhhhh,, shoulda brought a designated driver. that's so messed up. when you end a wine tasting with hot coffee and cab rides; instead of having a sommelier there to handle the wines and help the guest enjoy the experience, without getting sloshed and not mingling. mingling stuff is very important too.

  3. PYNTK

    Most definitely. :-)

  4. PYNTK

    I'm sure that got pretty interesting near the end. That's a great tip for those who are thinking of having a "wine tasting" experience for the guests. :-)

  5. PYNTK

    Exactly. Nothing is more memorable than a presentation which exhibits flair and looks as if great care and thought has gone into planning every small detail.

  6. DorothyL

    A well thought-out and creative presentation shows respect for your guests, which they will give back in return as their sign of appreciation and respect.

  7. mel

    Yes ... nothing compares to a best presentation.

  8. Oliver Jones

    It is always a good idea to get event planners when you want a good outcome for your planned event.


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