Make Every Connection Count ~ Bonnie Ross-Parker


Connections. We make so many of them on a daily basis, that sometimes we aren’t even conscious of how important they are in shaping our world. Think about today alone. Before you started reading this article, you’ve probably been in contact with many people. But have you really connected with anyone today? Bonnie Ross-Parker would say that there’s a reason to turn every interaction into a real connection. Bonnie, America’s Connection Diva, is the CEO and Founder of The Joy of Connecting®, a unique and innovative customer acquisition/marketing program for female entrepreneurs, businesswomen and professionals who want to strengthen their relationships and expand their businesses. But she understands that there’s so much more value in a connection than just pursuing the bottom line.

In her dynamic and inspiring book, Walk in My Boots: The Joy of Connecting, she shares her insights, ideas and stories of how connecting with ourselves, with others, and with the world, creates lasting value. Through reading about her journey as a businesswoman in this interconnected world, you can come to discover that joy exists when we support and honor each other and when we feel connected to those whose lives touch our own. In her book, she shares how we can attract people and form lasting relationships, how to increase our network of contacts, and how to differentiate ourselves in the crowded marketplace. Her journey shows us how meaningful our interactions can be in our daily lives, as long as we have the proper tools to make them mutually beneficial.

To learn more about Bonnie and her speaking/interactive workshops, visit, where you can also order her book, Walk in My Boots: The Joy of Connecting. In addition, discover how you can become a JOC Leader by visiting

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