Lori Manns – Business Superstar


Today we’re highlighting one of Atlanta’s Business Superstars in the People You Need to Know Network, Ms. Lori A. Manns.

Ms. Manns has been a marketing and sales professional for over 20 years. The company was formed after Ms. Manns recognized a strong need for an agency that understood the sensitive needs for small to mid-size businesses looking to expand their footprint in the marketplace, no matter the industry.

Prior to founding Quality Media Consultant Group, she was Senior Account Manager for CBS Radio-Atlanta for 13 years. Ms. Manns also has career sales and marketing experience with Cox Radio-Atlanta, WYHY Radio-Nashville, Superior Cable, The Women’s Yellow Pages and The Democratic National Convention.

Ms. Manns is an expert at developing multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns designed to produce a profitable return on investment. She is an accomplished and skilled sales professional known for building key strategic partnerships both locally and nationally.

Ms. Manns has extensive experience developing key strategic marketing and advertising campaigns for Fortune 100 Companies. Her experience in selling radio, print, events, internet and cable TV provides her a wealth of knowledge in various mediums. In addition, she also has freelance media buying experience for small and large businesses in the top 100 U.S. markets.

Currently, Ms. Manns is working on a project that’s near and dear to her heart … Live Healthy and Thrive Expo.

Live Healthy and Thrive Expo is a healthy living total wellness green event designed to educate, activate and motivate people to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Live Healthy and Thrive Expo is the premiere consumer family oriented event for individuals who love eating healthy, cooking, entertaining, exercising and enjoying an active lifestyle at the highest form of wellness; all while saving our environment and protecting the community in which we live.

The event on the 26th and 27th of June features up to 100 exhibitors, corporate sponsors, live cooking demonstrations, celebrity showcase, a youth summit, restaurant row with free samples, workshops, health screenings and panel discussions. There will be specialty pavilions including: Green/Eco-Friendly, Mind, Body & Spirit and Organic.

Live Healthy and Thrive is a life-changing event. Save the dates!

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