Lori Manns is Passionate about Children Living Healthier Lives


As CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, most people see Lori Manns as an expert in her field, developing multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns.

However, people close to Lori see her as a nurturing, loving, giving person who strives to help others. Although she doesn’t have children of her own, Lori admits she’s a big kid at heart. She’s an aunt and godmother who loves taking her nieces and nephews to the park.

Her love of children combined with a desire to serve her community was the inspiration for founding the Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation (LHTYF).  LHTYF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, activate, motivate, and empower youth in the areas of academic achievement, health, nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

“This foundation is my baby in a sense,” Lori explains. “I can help children realize they can have a better life if they choose to establish healthy habits now.”

Lori had to make changes in her own diet and lifestyle to avoid becoming diabetic. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes were not only in her family, but a lot of people she knew suffered from the same health issues. Since bad habits often start young, Lori decided to try and change the vicious cycle.

She also finds fulfillment helping business owners through her company, which specializes in advertising, marketing, and sponsorship sales. “I saw business owners trying to navigate the world of entrepreneurship who desperately needed to get results from their advertising and marketing efforts,” she says.

Although Lori has accomplished many of her hopes and dreams with her foundation and business, she doesn’t feel like she’s finished yet. “I’ve been blessed and had many happy days, but I think my happiest days are yet to come.”

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  1. John

    Nice article about you Lori and also a beautiful picture! I'm glad that you're giving back, reaching back, and giving a hand up to help our children become aware of healthy and clean living! You're an awesome woman, so please keep up the good work!


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