Live Healthy & Thrive Expo


Get ready for the Live Healthy & Thrive Expo this weekend! June 26-27 at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Live Healthy and Thrive Expo is a healthy living total wellness green event designed to educate, activate and motivate people to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Live Healthy and Thrive Expo is the premiere consumer family oriented event for individuals who love eating healthy, cooking, entertaining, exercising and enjoying an active lifestyle at the highest form of wellness; all while saving our environment and protecting the community in which we live.

The event features exhibitors, corporate sponsors, live cooking demonstrations, celebrity showcase, a youth summit, restaurant row with free samples, workshops, health screenings and panel discussions. There will be specialty pavilions including: Green/Eco-Friendly, Mind, Body & Spirit and Organic.

View video of Dr. Shai Hall and Celebrity Chef Marvin Woods.


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2 had something to say.
  1. VanillaSeven

    I love to visit food Expos. There's always new things to behold there that make this life more simple ... or more complicated. :)

  2. PYNTK

    @VanillaSeven For Live Healthy & Thrive, the whole experience was Fantastico! :-)


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