Lisa Nicole Cloud: From the Job, Through the Journey, to the Dream


Lisa Nicole Cloud, CEO of Elite Marketing Strategies, has been able to help people reach their financial goals and dreams, including five people who became self-made millionaires. She has also helped dozens to earn five-figure monthly incomes. Lisa’s secret: It’s all about the attitude.

“Your attitude in life determines your altitude in life,” is Lisa’s mantra. No surprise, her favorite song is “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”.

She lives by those positive words and is now an incredibly successful award-winning businesswoman who inspires others to fulfill their dreams as well.

The path hasn‘t been an easy one. Eight years ago, Lisa hit a low point in her life both financially and personally. After majoring in psychology/pre-med at Emory University and completing the prestigious Leadership Development Program at Johns Hopkins University, she was on the same insecure road as many Americans today, worrying she would be downsized from her job. However, inspired by her mother who pursued many entrepreneurial ventures and was a shining example of what was possible, she didn’t give up.

“It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you respond,” Lisa advises. “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent of how you respond to what happens to you. I love Les Brown’s quote, ‘If you can look up, you can get up.’”

As well as being the author of Live Your Dreams… It’s Possible, she is also a wife and a proud mother of two children who inspire her and always keep her smiling.

There are no clouds on Lisa Nicole Cloud’s horizon. Future plans include another book, a new magazine, and a TV show. “My hope for 2011 is to continue living my life with passion, purpose, and power,” she states positively.

It’s clear that Lisa Nicole Cloud has the right attitude to continue achieving her goals. Ain’t no stopping her now.

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  1. RE-

    her attitude is what made the difference. you have to decide what you want to achieve and focus on that.
    focusing on your goal makes your vision keen. Great Piece


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