Let’s Help DaVonda Smith (12) with her Tennis Dreams!


DaVonda Smith

DaVonda Smith is a 12 year old amazing Atlanta, Georgia, based tennis player. She has had to relocate a couple of times to pursue her dream of becoming a world-class tennis player and her off-the-court struggle is real. With the help of her dedicated, committed and loving mom/manager, she is competing at a higher level than many children her age, despite her circumstances. Currently, she is ranked #14 in the state of Georgia and #35 in Southern. But DaVonda wants more, she wants to be the best!

DaVonda’s mother, (Carol) is doing her absolute hardest to help DaVonda get to the top. Carol sold all her possessions (furniture, car, appliances, etc) in 2014 and moved to Florida to help her daughter achieve her dreams of one day becoming a great tennis player. After being alone in Florida for a year, and with money running out, the two moved to Georgia where they had family. Although this decision didn’t help as much as they had hoped, Carol was determined to keep her little girl’s dream alive.

After being in Georgia with little resources, DaVonda’s mom called the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and very humbly inquired about any grants that might be available to help her daughter with tennis lessons. The USTA referred her to South Fulton Tennis Center, and thankfully, her daughter was able to get complimentary group lessons there.

DaVonda’s mom worked several jobs, but it was hard not having anyone to look after her daughter while she worked. Her mom finally landed a job at the tennis center, which is very convenient and she has been working there for over a year now. Her mom is thrilled about the fact that she is able to take DaVonda to work with her, and home school her at the tennis center, so DaVonda can play even more tennis. After living expenses, every extra penny, nickel and dime her mom gets goes toward DaVonda’s dream of one day becoming a great tennis player. Carol has made many financial sacrifices to help her daughter achieve greatness, but she could use the community’s help.

DaVonda is at a crucial stage on her tennis journey. In order to be a phenomenal tennis player, she has to compete outside the state of Georgia and this is where they need help from anyone who has ever tried to accomplish something great. A lot of the tennis tournaments are far away, such as Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, California, etc … that she must compete in to get scholarships.

DaVonda’s mom has been acting as her private coach for over two years because she does not have money for private coaching and her mom has never played tennis. Her mom has taken her to the courts practically every day for the past couple of years to keep DaVonda competitive. DaVonda is doing very well considering the hardships she is currently facing, but she could be doing a lot better if she had the much needed financial resources to compete nationally.

DaVonda’s goal is to play in the Eddie Herr International Championships at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, (November 22 – December 3) and 55th Junior Orange Bowl International in Coral Gables, Florida (December 10 – 19). These are two of the biggest tournaments for juniors in the United States. She needs to raise at least $6000.00 for travel, hotel, entry fees, and food, to play in these two tournaments.

Let’s help DaVonda live her tennis dreams. Donate at this link … http://www.southacta.org and learn more about DaVonda. Your help is appreciated.

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  1. 2017-05-27

    Don't let anything stop you from dreaming big. God got it. Play hard and .practice


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