Letitia Owens Hosts Tasting Event at Motor City Coney Island Restaurant


On June 23, 2011, Atlanta’s Favorite Marketing Strategist and Owner of R’Tish Creations, Ms. Letitia Owens, hosted a tasting event at Stone Mountain’s recently opened Motor City Coney Island restaurant. The cozy eatery is located next to the Hobby Lobby near the Wal-Mart Shopping Center and down the street from CC’s Pizza, just off of Hwy 78.

People You Need to Know Magazine, a yearly publication showcasing women-owned businesses in metro Atlanta, was proud to be a media partner at this gathering of distinguished business professionals. Our People You Need to Know Magazine display table was busy with eager visitors throughout the evening. The purpose of this business mixer was to create a buy-in and to shine a brighter light on one of the newer restaurants in metro Atlanta. In addition, it provided a perfect venue for Atlanta’s busy professionals to come together, make new business connections and learn new ways to make their organizations more successful in the marketplace.

The tasting event started at 6:00pm and ended around 9:00pm. An upbeat and positive crowd showed up to participate in this new restaurant tasting, and to enjoy a tremendous networking opportunity. The host had encouraged the invited guests to bring plenty of business cards and also promised to share hot marketing tips on how to make Facebook and Twitter accounts work better for their business.

The real stars of the evening and the two people who are making their hometown of Detroit, Michigan, very proud were the owners of Motor City Coney Island restaurant, Sandra Bowden and her brother Kenneth Bowden. Sandra and Kenneth thanked everyone for coming out to their restaurant and warmly expressed to everyone that they were honored to bring the great taste of the “D” to Atlanta. Their restaurant has been opened since February, 14, 2011 and the number one reason people keep coming back again and again to the Motor City Coney Island restaurant is because of the Koegel franks that are shipped in from Flint, Michigan, about twice a week. When asked what makes the Koegel hot dog so special, Sandra responded with a smile on her face, “It’s the natural casing the hot dog has that gives them a nice pop when you bite into it.” She continues . . . we offer the only Coney Island hot dog in the state of Georgia with Koegel franks.

Sandra and Kenneth invites YOU to come by and get your taste of the “D”.  Make sure you complement your hot dog with their Better Made potato chips and Vernor’s ice-cold soda pop. They also have a banquet room for events and parties. And in addition, they have free Wi-Fi.

Around 8:00pm, Letitia Owens, Marketing Strategist and Owner of R’Tish Creations, (2nd from left) began her presentation about “How to Make Your Facebook Page More Dynamic.”

Here are a few of her valuable tips:

  • Talk to your audience, instead of at them.
  • Create value and build authority by posting only quality and verifiable sources on your page.
  • Create a rewards program for your loyal followers.
  • Stay engaged, check your pages often and respond immediately.
  • Your video camera is a terrible thing to waste . . . take it with you everywhere and become a self-made reporter.
  • For more tips, visit Facebook.com/rtishcreations.

Letitia also talked about “How to Use Twitter More Effectively.” Here are a few secrets that have worked for her:

  • Research “hard to find’ valuable information that is related to your subject matter.
  • Shrink your URL’s . . . go to www.tinyurl.com and shrink yours URL’s.
  • Check your re-tweets box and send a thank you to the follower who re-tweeted your tweet.
  • Always follow back unless the follower is of questionable status.
  • Never be a snob because of your status.
  • Stay focused on your mission each day and continue to ADD value.
  • Find more tips on twitter.com/rtishcreations

Lawrence F. Wright, Onsight Tech Support Engineer for TechPro Atl, LLC., also gave a enlightening and motivating presentation about the huge impact that technology is having on our day-to-day existence. Lawrence revealed to the group that mobile computing will surpass desktop computing in 2012. He’s passionate in his belief that we must all embrace technology because it is here to stay, but more than anything else, it is an excellent way to create brand new revenue streams.

The business professionals who attended were delighted when they got the opportunity to stand up, introduce themselves and give their 30-second elevator pitch about their business. It was great seeing Donna “Serious” Satchell in person for the first time. We had spoken with her over the phone when she was a guest on our radio show last year. Donna is President of Starr Consulting & Training and with her radiant smile and magnetic personality, it’s easy to see why she is one of America’s Top Achievement Speakers. She is also a well-respected Trainer, Success Coach and Author. Her new book, “Just Get SERIOUS About Success” is sure to be a bestseller, so make sure you get your copy.

Celeste O. Johnson, Financial Specialist and President of KO Tax & Financial Services in Tucker, Georgia, was a joy to meet in person as well. Celeste was kind enough to pose for a few pictures and she left us with some of her marketing materials as well. Her Tax and Financial Services company offers everything from Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, Auditing Services, Payroll Services and much more. Celeste is also available for speaking engagements!

We would like to give special recognition to the following people who connected with us at Motor City Coney Island restaurant on Thursday night:

  • Audrey Dixon, President, Exceptional Transcription & Business Solutions
  • Takiyah Gibson, Executive Producer, Taurus Media
  • Angela Nurse, Owner, Payroll Experts
  • Beverly H. Austin, Regional Coordinator, Walk in My Shoes- Global Project
  • Venesea Marshall, Massage Therapist, Deliberate Touch Therapeutic Massage
  • Mikki Asberry, Owner, Heavenly Party Rentals
  • Brenda Maddox, Owner, LeJoy Gifts and Floral Shop
  • Linda Owens, Owner, The Louise Group- Elderly Care
  • Michael B. Johnson, Producer, Boaz Group, LLC,Video Productions Services
  • George C. Littlejohn, Project Manager, Furniture by Design
  • Sandra D. Bowden, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
  • Lawrence F. Wright, President & CEO, SocialXtensions, LLC.
  • Letitia Owens, Owner, Cupies Cakes
  • Donna “Serious” Satchell, President Starr Consulting & Training
  • Celeste O. Johnson, Financial Specialist, KO Tax & Financial Services

In closing, congrats again to Ms. Letitia Owens for doing such a fantastic job in putting this event together at the Motor City Coney Island restaurant. We look forward to attending your next business mixer.

People You Need to Know Magazine
Member: Atlanta Press Club
Winner: Best Promoter, New America Media
Recipient: Atlanta’s Prestigious Phoenix Award

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3 had something to say.
  1. Letitia Owens

    Thank you Spark Plug, when I read the article this morning, it personifies THE SPARK PLUG DIFFERENCE! There are not enough adjectives to describe my Gratitude. It's ALL inclusive, eloquent, brand savvy, and Spot on! I can only hope the Owners of MotorCity ConeyIsland Atl, Presenters, and Attendees Make a NOTE of this fine piece of Journalism. Who could ask for MORE? I am humbled and extremely appreciative. LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxoxo

  2. PYNTK

    Hey Letitia. Thanks for the compliments!! I had a great time connecting and congrats on bringing people together to do business! Your kindness is appreciated.

    Spark Plug

  3. Beverly H. Austin

    Spark Plug, thank you for this fabulous and supportive article! Meeting you as well as the other attendees was very inspirational. As a native Detroiter, I must say Kudos and best wishes to Sandra and Kenneth Bowden. Now, I know where to go when I crave great original Detroit food and soda (aka pop).


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