Ladies: Polish Up Your SEO!


Let’s face it, finding new leads for your business can be a daunting task. There are many methods from word-of-mouth to networking that you have probably used to generate leads.

But what about the website that you were told you needed to build for your business? Since everyone is using Google, Yahoo, and Bing to search for everything, who is searching for you? Answer the following questions to see how well you are utilizing your website to generate business.

1. What traffic techniques do you currently use to drive traffic to your website?
2. How many visitors does your website get each month?
3. How much are you currently spending each month to get that traffic?
4. What percentage of your revenue comes from leads generated by the Internet?
5. How many sales / leads do you get per month from your website?
6. What is the average revenue per sale?

If you are not able to answer these questions in a positive cash flow manner, then you are not optimizing your business online. Many businesses only use their website as an electronic brochure. Kwazmo Digital Media Business Development Director, Jermaine Kelly, wants women business owners and professionals to take their site from an electronic brochure to an online money generating magnet. As Jermaine works with the official People You Need To Know Magazine in their SEO efforts, he wants you to know these five reasons why Search Engine Optimization is important to your business.

Targeted Traffic
Search engine optimization brings paying customers to your doorstep. The customers that SEO bring are looking for your products/services as they have entered your websites keywords/phrases into the search engines to find you. Isn’t that easier than having to chase people at networking events?

Increased Revenue
The increase in traffic to your website equals more leads for your business. Depending on your closure rate, you can substantially increase your revenue. Through SEO, many businesses have learned how to drive a substantial amount of their total revenue online.

Cost Effectiveness
SEO is a measurable way to spend your money. When you implement an SEO campaign, you can easily measure your ROI by the amount of leads and sales that are a result of the increased traffic to your website.

A website having a high ranking means more people see the name of the company and become familiar with the company and its products, even if they haven’t made a purchase. Businesses are often vetted by potential clients and business partners by their ranking online.

Social Networking Hub
Your website should be the focal point of your efforts in social media. Your website having a solid SEO presence helps your social networking efforts to be more efficient and effective.

Do you need to polish up your SEO?

– Jermaine Kelly
Kwazmo Digital Media

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1 had something to say.
  1. zezebel

    Thanks for the tips, Jermaine Kelly.
    I try to read and understand as many SEO techniques as I can. I am still new, but learning can be learned by young and old. I'm still searching for the right keywords for my business. Hope you will providing many SEO articles again.
    Thank you.


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