Just For You Women’s Healthcare: From PMS to Menopause


It’s National Women’s Health Week and People You Need to Know Magazine is shining the spotlight on Dr. Lorie Johnson at Just For You Women’s Healthcare in Locust Grove, Georgia.

Dr. Lorie provides complete gynecologic health services for women of all ages. She emphasizes good communication and education so you can make good choices for yourself regarding your health. Dr. Lorie’s services include:

  • Annual exams with age-appropriate screenings & preventive care
  • The latest options for birth control
  • Treatment for PMS & heavy bleeding
  • Evaluation & treatment of pelvic pain
  • First exams & teen wellness
  • STD prevention, testing & treatment
  • Infertility evaluation, counseling & first-line treatment
  • Complete menopause wellness with personalized options including traditional hormone therapy & biocompatible alternative

Just For Teens

Dr. Lorie can help your teen daughter make good, informed decisions about sex, STD prevention and many other serious issues she’ll face throughout her teens and young adult years. As a mother of a teenage daughter and doctor to many teens over the years, Dr. Lorie enjoys caring for young women in this age group. She’s easy to talk to, straightforward and a resource you and your daughter can trust.

For more information about obstetrics & gynecology services in Locust Grove, Georgia, call Just For You Women’s Healthcare at 678-429-8146 today!

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