Jazmine Scroggins Competes for Miss Georgia Title June 20-23, 2012


Current Title:
Miss Fulton County

Atlanta, Georgia

January 2010 – present

Georgia State University
Major: Journalism

August 2008 – December 2009
Spelman College

Major: Music, Vocal Performance

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents and their Families

Scholastic/Career Ambition:
Bachelors of Arts in Journalism
To Become a Multi-Media/Entertainment Professional

Vocal Performance

Scholastic Honors:
HOPE Scholarship recipient
Levi A. Simon, III Scholarship recipient
Spelman College: Department of Music Vocal Performance Scholarship recipient

Leadership Roles:
Mentored Children of Incarcerated Parents for Safehouse Outreach Organization
Active Jr. Youth Minister for Siloam Church International
Second Soprano Section Leader for the Spelman College Glee Club
Georgia State University Singers Choral Ensemble

Georgia State University Athletic Intern
Featured Actress for GSTV Show “If That Were Me…”
Recipient of 2010 “Best Closing Argument Award” Georgia State University Political Science 1101 Debate Event
Creative Student Director for SPOOFEM.com Marketing Team
Co-Producer and Featured Reporter for Georgia State University Television “Panther Report”
Voice Jockey for Atlanta University Center Radio Show “The Yard”

Interesting Facts:
I am of African American, French-Canadian, and Cherokee Native American Descent
I love listening to and performing classical music

USDA – Forest Service, Public Affairs Intern
daVido’s $3.75 Pizza, Customer Service Representative

How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

I have a loving and supportive family that has nurtured me and developed my talents. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been involved in various extracurricular activities, especially the performing arts. Through these activities, along with the wise and disciplined teachings of my parents, I have developed into the socially active and scholastically successful young woman that I am today. My firm Christian beliefs have also helped me to grow and mature. My strong family ties have instilled in me of the importance of sound values and morals, and to prioritize my life accordingly. I know that I am a woman destined for greatness and success, and will continue to strive for the absolute best throughout my life’s journey.

Why have you chosen to participate in the Miss Georgia Pageant?

I have always struggled with my self-esteem and body image. The Miss America Pageant will be beneficial in helping me improve my self-esteem. My participation in the pageant will bring attention to my platform of providing assistance to individuals affected by the incarceration of their relatives.

What social issue, other than your platform, will have the greatest impact on your generation and why?

The increasing sexuality within popular culture will have the greatest impact on my generation. The media often focuses on financial gains with little or no regard to the influence on young America. Sexually charged advertisements send a wrong message to young people by treating intimacy as something casual instead of something to be valued as sacred.

To support Jazmine: Visit http://www.jazminescroggins.com/support.html.
For more information, contact: Letitia Owens, R’Tish Creations ~ (404) 587-2939

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  1. 2012-06-07

    Thank you so much Sparkplug for the press! I appreciate it! :)

  2. Deanna Ashley

    Looking good friend!! On the way to the tippy!! Love you much!!!!! Signed: #1 fan lol


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