It’s National Women’s Health Week and You Deserve a Time-Out


Working to the point of exhaustion should not be the time to admit that we need a break from our phones, computers and the office altogether. By that time, the body is literally saying, if you don’t shut it down, I’ll do it for you.

As businesswomen, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being defined by the work we do. In reality, the world will keep moving forward long after we’re gone and our work is finished.

Last week, we called one of our fellow business associates. She answered her phone from her hospital bed. Sadly, she revealed to us that she had been in the hospital for a week and a half because she had suffered a stroke.

Set aside some time each day to unwind, to relax and renew your mind. Work is important but your body is more important. Without good health, there will be little time for work. Take care of YOU today. Don’t wait until your summer vacation … now is the time.


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