It’s Memorial Day and It’s also a Reminder to Practice Safety


I’d like to give special recognition to those who are serving, have served, fought and given their lives for freedom. The sacrifices you make and have made are appreciated. I would also like to honor the wives and widows who are left at home — we know that you also make sacrifices on a daily basis.

Though this is considered a holiday, it is also a time to keep safety in mind. Each holiday is a vulnerable time for everyone. As you go shopping and traveling to spend time with family and friends, remember to practice safety. Neglecting to wear seat belts, drinking and driving, driving over the speed limit, and interpersonal violence because of too much alcohol are all simple things which occur that can ultimately change lives forever. I know firsthand about the emotional and financial burden it can place on everyone. I guess that’s why I’m committed to reminding people to do all they can to stay safe.

I always like to stress safety by sharing an interview granted to us by Dr. Mark Walker, Director of Surgical Health Collective, in metro Atlanta. Unfortunately, Dr. Walker has seen numerous major injuries during his career, which simply could have been avoided. So today and every day, please practice safety for those you love, your fellow human beings, and above all else, practice it for yourself.


(This interview was a few years ago and the numbers are troubling.)

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