Inspirational Woman Magazine Founder: Lisa Mundembe-Chuma


A Woman on a Mission …

Lisa is an inspirational speaker for schools in the UK and the founder of Inspirational Woman Magazine, an international women’s magazine that promotes unity amongst all women and celebrates women despite possible differences. She has her own radio show, Lisa’s Inspirational Talk Show, which is aired every Monday night between 8pm – 10pm GMT.

Lisa is keen to make a positive impact in the world and see women come together in unity worldwide. Her desire is for women to realize that they are very important in their own way, which makes us all unique and if we accept that, we can become a stronger community because we will have different things to offer. She encourages women to complete each other and STOP competing against each other.

A few words from Lisa …

“Let us embrace each other, remembering sisters are just not biological, let us stand together to make the world a better place, let us help and support each other through experiences and tackle issues together. Together we can celebrate our successes/failures without the fear of sharing them. Let us desire to LOVE more and disappoint LESS.”

Thank you very much.

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