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Stop. Look. Listen. — 15 Ways For Women to Find Inspiration

Inspiration is what you find when you are not looking for it. You often miss those “aha” moments because you are trying too hard to make them materialize. But, there are ways to create the circumstances that lead to those inspirational moments on a daily basis.

You don’t look for inspiration but you can look for these everyday inspirational tools.

15 Places to Seek your Inspiration

1. Music. They say that music calms the savage beast but it can also soothe the soul and open the mind to wonderful things. Listen to a favorite song or music from an artist that you’ve heard about. Sing along loudly if you wish. Don’t hold back — really listen to the words and feel the music.

2. Animals. We are the keepers of animal life on earth. Pets love you unconditionally and you are called to do the same if you choose to open your home to them. Take a page from their book. Use them as a way to get inspired about life. Pets act on instinct and are quite amusing.

3. Nature. Actually stop to smell the roses. Experience the natural surroundings by taking a walk in the park or down your neighborhood street. You don’t have to leave your home. Sit out on the porch and watch the wind blowing through the trees or the clouds moving in the sky.

4. Children. If you choose to listen, children can teach you a lot about being young and honest. When they are little, children trust and tell the truth implicitly. Even if you don’t have children, watch a niece or nephew and be amazed.

5. A favorite book. Read words that were inspired by someone else. Sometimes, reading a familiar passage again allows you to see something you didn’t see before.

6. Religious text. Memorize your favorite religious passages to find inspiration when you need it most.

7. Meditation. Millions of people can’t all be wrong. Meditation quiets the mind so you can gain new insights without conscious thought.

8. Art. Experience your favorite type of artwork in a museum or gallery.

9. Textures. Textures in walls, carpets, animals, and clothing bring sensation and other feelings to our minds. Use it for inspiration and positive energy.

10. People watching. Everyone has a capacity for amazing things if they embrace it. Show kindness to others in hopes that they will pass it on.

11. Seek gratitude. Create a list of the things in your life that you are grateful for each day.

12. Dancing. Move your body to express how you feel. Music is not required. Let your heart be light as you free your mind.

13. Friends. Talk to those you trust and let them challenge you to live life in a grander way. Share your joys, fears, and obstacles as well as hopes with them.

14. Quotes. Find appropriate quotes that will inspire you to press on in your daily life and have hope.

15. Hobbies. They add passion and meaning to your life. There is more than work that makes you feel worthwhile.

Look around and see inspiration in places that seemed unlikely. When you find it, share it with others so that they can be inspired as well.


Author: Deanna Collins

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  1. RE - POD313 TechTips

    Today I found Inspiration from Alabama Mike; who crawled free of a smashed truck and kept on goin. he hasn't let up yet and neither will I. You're On YOUR WAY TOO

  2. PYNTK

    @RE ~ Yes. Alabama Mike's story is a very inspirational one and from what I know of yours ... it's definitely motivational as well.


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