Ingrid Priscilla Wiggberg: Finding Success in New York


Born in Staten Island, New York, Ingrid Priscilla moved to Georgia in 1991. She was able to experience the best of both worlds … the witty and wise New Yorker teachings of her parents and the sweet, Southern hospitality she learned during her childhood.

An only child, Ingrid Priscilla lost her mother at a young age and sadly, she recently lost her father in November 2010. With most of her family still residing in New York, Ingrid decided to move back home to continue her successful career as an Event Planner and be among family and friends.

At People You Need to Know Magazine, we wish you the best, Ingrid. Your sunny disposition and enthusiasm will definitely be missed. From the short time that we had the pleasure of working with you, we know without a doubt, that you will achieve all that you desire.

Best wishes and much success in all that you do.

Spark Plug & Jacqueline
People You Need to Know Magazine

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