How to Get 4 New Clients This Week Summary ~ Allison Babb Phillips


During a half-day event at the upscale Georgian Club, Allison Babb Phillips, Atlanta’s own marketing and sales guru, delivered strategies business owners can immediately use (and re-use) to get 4 new clients in a single week.

Using her own experience plus case studies of her clients who achieved the result of 4 new clients in a single week, Allison revealed:

• The 3 things she did very differently (and repeated) to quickly earn an extra $20K as a direct result of networking

• How to describe what you do in a way that creates an almost instant head- turning response from prospects

• 4 specific fast-action steps to getting new clients in the door… like yesterday!

• The ONE decision that caused one biz owner to have new clients falling into his lap

• A simple (yet powerful) strategy that left one biz owner floored by the number of new leads coming to her

• The client-magnetic languaging(tm) one biz owner used to quickly get 3 new clients from a single meeting

• A 3-part strategy for how to powerfully convey the true value of what you do so prospects say yes to your offer

• The tool that caused one biz owner to close sales on her website for the very first time

• A simple strategy to turn interested prospects into qualified leads on the spot…guaranteed

Attendees of the 4 New Clients this Week event chimed in on what the experience was like:

“Networking never worked for me before. This event changed the way I will network and the groups I target. I came to the event a tired business owner. I left an aspiring business owner with great expectations in the near future to develop a team of professionals at SalonAloma.”

“Best money I ever spent! My biggest aha’s were: the business card tip, how to present yourself when networking, and the client magnetic language session. It was well worth the investment. With Allison’s methods, I know I will at least double my income and get a real cash flow.”

“I needed a step-by-step plan on how to get new clients. The title of the event grabbed my attention alone. However, the material that Allison provided is priceless! I am identifying my target market networking opportunities now! Thanks Allison! I doubted if I could actually support myself as an entrepreneur. I now expect to get 4 new clients this week and I now have a solid plan to do it.”

“Allison is a great presenter. Her knowledge and enthusiasm coupled with her personal success and that of her clients is convicting. I learned so much and am in the process of implementing that knowledge into my business.”

“Having been in business for almost twenty years, it’s easy to think you have heard everything there is to hear about building your business. Allison’s approach to even introducing myself in a networking environment is totally different than anything I had seen before!”

If you missed this event, the bad news is that this was the last time in 2012 that this event was going to be offered. The good news, however, is Allison Babb Phillips is hosting a one-day event in the Fall, and you’d want to go directly to to get your name on the list.

At this unique event, Allison is uniting 1-person businesses in the professional services industry with the goal of creating success and wealth. If you’re in that category, you would not want to miss Solopreneur Revolution!

(Photo from Helping Women Succeed Event at the High Museum)

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