Texting: A Billion Dollar Industry


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Using Short Message Service (SMS) or texting has become the new norm when it comes to communicating with family, friends and business associates. Not only that, it has also become the method which businesses use to regularly mass market their products and services, while connecting in real-time with their existing and potential clients. Welcome to the world of m-marketing!

Whether m-marketing is used to announce sales of new products, take surveys or request feedback from clients, the benefits are too numerous to count. It’s interactive, it’s inexpensive and helps companies remain relative.

In a recent interview, here’s what Marie Antoinette, Atlanta’s Queen of Texting and Marketing Director at GoTextTalk.com had to say about this technology that’s blazing new trails for businesses by increasing their bottom line.

1. What kind of responses are you getting from your clients.
Our clients are amazed at how mobile marketing brings traditional marketing to life. By simply asking customers to text-in for coupons, prizes or information, it makes their advertising interactive and fun. Some clients’ responses have been that our services are affordable, easy to use and their customers, “like being in the know.” Our mobile marketing services have data report features, which helps our clients track the rate of return and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

2. How much will brands and agencies spend on mobile marketing in 2010?
$1.52 to $3.2 Billion. The Mobile Marketing Association has been touting a middle estimate of $2.1 billion.  Mobile Marketing Association, May 2009.

Total US mobile marketing expenditures are projected to grow into the billions in 2013. Smartphones represent the new frontier in marketing and advertising. Technology is developing rapidly, to the point where netbooks may become obsolete soon, making your cell phone your primary means of connecting to the Internet and facilitating your non-intensive computing needs.

3. How have you seen your business grow?
The increase we’ve seen in business has been in partnerships with marketing and advertising agencies. Because of the flexibility and interactive components of mobile marketing, it blends well with traditional marketing campaigns. Agencies are beginning to leverage the resource of a certified mobile marketing company being partnered with their group. Ad agencies recognize customers are rarely without their cell phones, and most text messages are read within 5 minutes; therefore, the value of mobile marketing is very convenient to the customer. Nevertheless, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that your message has some value to the client, otherwise they will not continue to regard them as important.

If you are a frequent Twitter user, you know how valuable micro-messaging can be. It is clear that m-marketing will continue to be the wave of the future when it comes to businesses connecting with clients and potential clients. Contact Marie Antoinette to discover the affordable and incredibly easy way m-marketing can help your business today.

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    it's interesting that she hasn't updated her Blog since March. aren't there lots of things going on in microblogging these days ? I know she must have something to tell us about the trend toward moving back to metered minutes in the cellphone plan game.


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