Careful with Those Smoothies


When summer starts breathing like a fiery dragon, many people start grabbing cool and frosty drinks in order to beat the heat. Nothing goes down better than a nice, cold, flavorful strawberry and banana concoction mixed right in the blender.

Fruity smoothies on a sweltering day can be very healthy drinks as long as you don’t get carried away. And the beauty of mixing your own drink is … you know exactly what’s in it. Another thing I love about making my own smoothies is the fact that I can experiment with different fruits when I get bored with my usual flavors.

If you decide to purchase your drink from one of the popular smoothie chains, make sure it’s not laced with extra sugar. Why use sugar when fruits have their very own natural sweeteners. Adding extra sugar and syrups defeat the “healthy drink” purpose and your waist will definitely respond. You may as well eat a slice of cake.

I had a chance to pick some strawberries at my neighborhood farm this season, so I have a few tasty strawberry smoothies in my future for sure.

This summer, please stay hydrated and stay healthy!

– Jacqueline


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6 had something to say.
  1. The Fitness Diva

    Tell me about it! It was swelteringly hot today in NY, and there I was in a store watching the slushies go round and round in that thing they mix them in! The blue colored one gets me every time! ;)

    I will indulge in those and also in smoothies once in a while. The thing is, after you have one, it turns on a switch, and you keep wanting to go get another.
    That's where the trouble begins..... ;)

  2. PYNTK

    I guess our goal must be ... to not get caught up in the "heat" of the moment. LoL

  3. Heidi

    Great post! Sometimes we get so caught up in the healthy smoothie rage that we forget some are so full of sugar. Kansas City is soo hot!!

  4. PYNTK

    Hey Heidi,
    Glad to see you back. Hope you got plenty of rest during your bloggy break. ;-) How hot does it get in KC? If it's really hot there, things definitely won't be pretty down here.

  5. William K Wallace

    When I was back home in Scotland, I could hardly wait for the strawberry season to begin and get myself along to the local farm and pick my own. They were so cheap and delicious and of course the smoothies I used to make were the business...

  6. PYNTK

    William, I know exactly what you mean. :-)


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