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For a woman like Manana, health is more than an occupation; it is a lifestyle. As a child, Manana dreamed of how she could do her part in saving the world, so she set off on her journey, beginning in the medical field.

At the sweet age of 20 years, Manana became a paramedic. She was fascinated with the “rush” she received from helping all types of people in unthinkable situations. She enjoyed the wealth of information she was learning about the body so much that it led her into a deeper, more intimate study of biology. Mortuary science was the next stop. She decided to attend one of the top schools specializing in mortuary science in Scooba, Mississippi.

Upon graduating, Manana became a mortician as well as an embalmer at the largest funeral home in Jackson, Mississippi. As she grew more and more into the understanding of the functionality of the human body, she expanded her scope by entering the world of personal training as a fitness instructor.

Manana systematically developed her very own health & fitness radio program on Atlanta’s top radio stations (V103 & WCLK), created an exercise program specifically for women interested in losing 50lbs or more, and ran Atlanta’s “Do Your Body Good” workout regimens, including yoga and boot camp.

On a routine day, while teaching a class, Manana began to hemorrhage. She rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with fibrocystic disease and was told she needed emergency surgery and two units of blood. After that unexpected crisis, she made an even more precise life-changing decision. As a 34-year-young woman with 3 daughters, she decided to dedicate her entire life completely to a life of health. As she focused and studied the needs of women, she began meeting many other women with serious health-related problems without adequate information to solve them. She learned that a major part of the medical field had a silent relationship with large pharmaceutical companies and many of the medicines prescribed for different ailments only treated symptoms and fell short of complete healing.

So, in 2000, Manana added a comprehensive study of herbs and their healing effects on the human body. She completed a world-renown all natural healing apprenticeship in the summer of 2002, traveling the globe and studying under the world’s greatest and most effective herbalists and all-natural healers. With a profound background in chemistry, Manana was now equipped with the knowledge of combining highly potent all-natural herbs that reversed many, if not all illnesses, ranging from a common cold to all forms of cancer. For the next two years, whenever healing opportunities presented themselves, Manana was there to answer. Many of Manana’s clients who were plagued with cancer were in their 4th stage. At this stage, most doctors offer treatments, but lack real solutions for healing. Manana has proven time after time to actually produce healing for clients, even in their 4th stage! Her system consisting of a complete physical and psychological assessment of all of the organs of the body, the use of highly potent herbs for ill-affected organs, perfect foods, meditation, and plenty of rest have her success ratios soaring through the roof!

In 2004, Manana opened her first “HEALING HOUSE,” which was located in Lithonia, Georgia. The house was one of her most prized treasures. The demand for healing was extensive and Manana learned that many of her clients could have saved themselves from reaching such severe stages if they had a proper knowledge of foods and their function for the different organs of the body. This idea led Manana to a new, exciting way of educating her clients by serving them in a fun and exquisite format – a Wellness Lounge! In 2007, in addition to the healing house, Manana opened “PAAS” which became the first wellness lounge of its kind in the West End in Atlanta, Georgia. She served healing soups, teas, and desserts! “PAAS” became a one-stop-shop for the soul and the entire community loved it.

Manana currently resides on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and has now developed the ultimate Healing House with a gorgeous North Atlantic Ocean front view. Manana has without a shadow of a doubt become one of the World’s Premier All Natural Healers and is eager to serve you or your loved one in need of healing. If you or your loved one has diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, sinus problems, bowel problems, extreme stress, weight loss issues, ANY STD, cancer, relationship issues, or you simply would like to get away and rejuvenate, being totally taken care of, Manana’s Healing House is here to shower you with healing! Experience deep tissue massages, all of your foods prepared and relaxing intimate moments reuniting with your inner self in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico!

We thank you for taking the time to learn about Manana’s Healing House and we look forward to your successful healing. 770-882-1659

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3 had something to say.
  1. gwynne walker

    I love this lady, she has a heart of gold. Manana came in my life in 2002, my blood sugar was 494 I was so sick I started on her amazing healing program, since that time my blood sugar is normal and I feel great!

    Thank you Manana for your contribution to this world.



  3. Ola Abdullah

    Hi Manana, I will tell you how I know you later. My question is: Have you heard of the Miranga Tree out of Africa and Asia?


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