Health Watch: Processed Foods – Why Are They Dangerous?


The quality of the food that you put into your body has a direct correlation to the quality of your health. The closer the food is to its original state of existence, the better it will be for you. Processed food is usually so far from its original state of being that in some cases, it cannot be recognized. A processed food is one that has been through any or all of the following: heating, adulteration, pulverization, reheating, denaturization or degrading. When food goes through these types of processes, it results in three real dangers to the people who consume them. Dangerous chemicals get added to preserve it, the food loses it nutritional value, and it can become both fattening and addictive.

Why have we as human beings decided that we can actually be smarter than nature? I mean it is apparent to me that we believe this because otherwise why would we chemically alter our foods. We routinely take a “God made perfect food” like cherries for example, and turn them into a “man made concoction” like cherry pie. The original cherry has all the nutrients and nutritional value we need but then we go and strip it of all that. We make it into something its not just to fit our busy modern lifestyle. Following this type of path is leading our society towards big time trouble.

Chemicals are routinely added to the foods that we eat every day. In fact, it takes some effort and perseverance to find food that hasn’t been chemically altered in any way. Chemicals are added for coloring, preserving, softening, hardening, thickening, and flavoring. It may help to create a longer lasting, better looking food, but it means we are ingesting toxins into our bodies. These toxins will have detrimental effects on us in the long term. It was a sad day when science decided to enter the world of nutrition. That was the day that we decided that convenience and speed were more important than doing things the right way. Understand this one statement about chemicals and apply it to every food you purchase. If the label on the package has chemicals added, then it is not good for you. I hear you saying, “but what about this fat free or this low calorie or this blah blah blah.” My answer is that it has been processed with chemicals and in the long run will hurt you, period.

Another real danger with processed food is that it is dead. Raw food is alive and helps to sustain life in a living body. Processed food is dead and has very little to no nutritional value. A raw carrot will give you loads of beta carotene and other important nutrients. A carrot inside a frozen TV dinner will give you no nutrition at all because it has been chemically altered so it could stay fresh in the freezer for months. We took a perfectly nutritious item and screwed around with it until it had no value at all to us.

The third big problem with processed food is that it is fattening and addictive. The chemicals that get added to the food make us crave more of it. Since there is very little nutritional value, our body screams out to fill the void. This is how cravings begin. Our body will take anything it can get to fill the lack of nutrition that it is receiving. Processed food is probably the number one reason why America has such a weight problem today.

The bottom line is to make smart choices and stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Your body will love you for it.

Dr John Kosinski is a health care expert in New Hampshire who specializes in teaching and coaching people how to improve their health and lose weight without dieting.

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