Renzie Richardson ~ Dedicated to Creating Healthier Families


When Renzie Richardson was a young teen, she lost her grandmother, at only 52-years-old, to cancer.

“She was my rock, my fortress and I was devastated by her absence,” Renzie says. “As strong as she was, we were too poor and didn’t have access to proper healthcare.”

The devastating loss motivated Renzie to create her flourishing business, Be Healthy for Life.
“I remember my grandmother by helping companies create healthier employees, which results in healthier families and communities,” she says.

An eight-week course, that Renzie designed herself, helps women find the proper balance in life and work, let go of guilt, and embrace new ways to take care of their health. The course is offered through employers, churches, and medical practices.

Her passion and devotion to healthcare has paid off. Renzie was featured in a documentary entitled, Hot Flash Havoc, and has had articles published in several magazines. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach, receiving her undergraduate degree in Physical Education/Health from Coker College and graduate degree from Webster College.

Renzie practices what she preaches and lives an active lifestyle. She runs, hikes, plays basketball, and loves to Salsa dance. Her favorite dessert: grapes with a handful of roasted almonds. Renzie volunteers at churches, teaching people that the body is a temple of God and educating them on how to honor that gift by living a healthier lifestyle.

Renzie has lived in Atlanta for 12 years and loves the city, which she calls “a breeding ground for women entrepreneurs.” She recognizes the importance of building relationships and is a member of several local organizations, such as Healthcare NOW and the Cumming Chamber of Commerce.

Renzie’s hope for the future is that America can come together as one nation to improve its citizens’ health. (404) 819-9549

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