Six Ways to Stand Out


Everyone knows that entertainment and business celebrities generate a lot of revenue. I believe all business owners who adopt the “celebrity model” can boost their businesses to the next financial level.

I once heard a famous speaker say: “No matter what goals you’d like to achieve in life, there’s really only about three or four things you need to do in order to make them happen.” For instance, if you want to lose weight you’ll have to cut back on your sugar – drink lots of water – exercise – and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Do these things and, like magic, the pounds will begin to melt away. If you want to be a better spouse, you’ll need to spend more quality time with your mate and family – help out around the house – and be more respectful of your spouse’s time. If you accomplish each of these interim goals, you’ll reach the larger one, too.

Your business is no different. Setting and reaching a few simple interim goals can lead you to the larger one — a recognizable business that soars above all others in your field.

Here are a few simple tips that can make a huge difference . . .

The Academy Award nominated , Don Cheadle stated in an interview, “… mediocrity is rampant, but excellence is rare.” If you want to stand out, always strive to produce a top quality product or service. If you’re printing T-shirts, use top-notch images or photography. Your attention to detail will speak volumes about you and your business. Quality always beats quantity – and your prices can reflect your demonstrated expertise and concern for your clients. Companies such as Porsche and Rolls Royce promote quality and performance over everything else.

Secondly, if you advertise in print, try to spring for a full page or the front cover if available for sale, so that you’ll make a large and lasting impression. Most business owners are satisfied with business cards or quarter-page ads. To achieve celebrity status for your business … a full page is a must because it screams success.

The third way to stand out is to fall in love with taking risks. You’ll separate your business from the rest of the pack when you take just one extra step off the beaten path. If everyone else is doing it, then you won’t stand out. You stand out when you blaze your own trail. Ask yourself what can you do that others in your field are not doing at the present time. Now, go out and do it!

My fourth tip is to promote your business as an expert source. You know your strong points. Accentuate those attributes. Tell everyone what makes you an authority in your field. You can position yourself as the number one whatever it is you want to be. Donald Trump isn’t the biggest builder in New York City, but he’s the only one bold enough to say it. What are you bold enough to say?

Tip number five: stick to your niche. It is better to dig one deep well than many shallow ones. If you’re in the printing business, for example, set goals to increase your business progressively. You might start with your own printing press and progress to offering graphic design while planning to establish a full-service distribution company. As you add more services within your niche, your revenues will grow, allowing you to offer even more aligned services.

And finally, network, network, network. Promote your brand image as often as you can. Attend trade shows, health fairs and other events. Talk about what you do with as many people as possible.  Increase your web presence. Make social media WORK for you. Pitch a TV or radio show. Write a blog, book or an e-book to establish yourself as an author and an expert in your field.

Stay on this “celebrity model” course to brand your business and the public will certainly remember you when they need your services. And increased revenue? That’s a natural by-product of celebrity.

– Jacqueline


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5 had something to say.
  1. Rebecca

    Great article, Jackie!

  2. PYNTK

    Thanks Rebecca. Definitely a wonderful compliment ... coming from YOU. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  3. Megan from Australia

    I agree, an excellent article. Jacqueline, if I lived near you I would be hiring you to do my PR and marketing. You articulate beautifully and have a calm and strong assurance. I love it.

  4. Beverly

    On taking risks, instead of just taking one extra step, why not take that extra step in a different direction? In this way, we aren't running over the masses with more of our money and energy, but moving in a different direction - which is most likely underserved - in a smart way.

  5. PYNTK

    I like this idea, Beverly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)


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