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Every once in a while, I think our brand really needs a breath of fresh air, a boost, a cause, something to stir it up, bring it out of the clutter, and make it appear shiny and new. Since huge corporations are always looking to add more flavor to their brand, why not do it for your own company?

For those who follow this blog, you probably remember this post from a while back. Anyway, I thought it was high time to drag it out once again, polish it up and add a little more zest to it. After all, isn’t your brand always a work in progress?

While a brand may begin with just a simple product name, the quality, marketability, and everything that comprises a good product will soon give weight to it. As you continue to move forward, and as your brand captures and dominates a wide niche in the market, the brand becomes a byword in the product or service category where it is classified.

Sooo, let’s move forward and focus on giving your brand a boost.

The more we’re able to separate ourselves from the crowd, the more memorable our brand will become, thereby making us the only solution for the people who need our product or service. Our website, social media involvement, writing skills, blog, business cards, and our overall presentation speak a certain message to others. Therefore, we must strive to send out a positive message, one that’s power-packed with pizzazz and punch!

Our verbal communication skills can give us an edge and can ultimately be the key to our success because most people are AFRAID to stand up and speak to a crowd. Get out into your community and speak as much as possible. Tell people about what you have to offer, in a subtle way of course. Give them information that they can use. If you need to step-up your confidence, join a club such as Toastmasters International. This organization can help you improve your speaking skills. You definitely want to exude confidence when you stand up to speak or it may reflect poorly on your brand.

Put Six Degrees of Separation to use. It works. Dr. Ben Carson, Johns Hopkins’ world-renowned surgeon and author of Think Big, was gracious enough to endorse my book, Grow Through It And Lead. I didn’t have to know Dr. Carson’s home telephone number, meet him at a cocktail party or fly to his office in order to get him to read my book and write an endorsement. His secretary was willing to help me achieve my goal after she visited my website. (Once again, Women Make Things Happen!)

Franchise your business to further expand your brand. Franchising your brand might not be as easy as making and selling hotcakes, but if you have other entities that are interested in not only selling your products, but also expanding your business idea as well, then start exploring this great possibility. Who knows, you may soon be featured as the latest chain of business brands across the country because you achieved phenomenal franchise growth.

Get out and do something! Help other people. Take the focus off yourself by making a contribution to society and watch your network grow. Someone once said, the real purpose of networking is to have no agenda other than to help one another. Last year, at a Marietta Business Association Expo, the president, Karen Denovich told me, “If you aren’t networking, you’re not working.”  Nevertheless, wouldn’t it bring great satisfaction to hear people say that your brand is not only known for its commercial value but also for its humanitarian value?

Creating and building up your brand is one of the most important business investments you can make because of the indelible and enduring legacy your brand gives your business. At the end of the day, what we all want is a very strong brand identity, which puts us on the road to sweet success.

Still … ultimately, YOU are the brand. It all begins with you. What you create is just a by-product. So crank it up, be creative, be bold, have fun and always look for ways to freshen up your brand!

– Spark Plug, Publisher of People You Need to Know


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