Get to Know Shawnnell Brown ~ Miss Black Georgia 2011


Shawnnell Trenita Brown is a military brat, born in Germany and traveled along the East Coast as a child. She is currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and serves as Miss Black Georgia 2011 USA. She is a proud alumna of the illustrious institution of Hampton University where she received her B.A. from the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, specializing in Public Relations. She also received a degree in English Arts.

Education is very important to Shawnnell and throughout her year of service, she will be in the classrooms teaching students about fitness, self-esteem and pursuing a higher education. Aside from those very important lessons, she will also be spreading the message about her platform across the state of Georgia, “Increasing Financial Literacy Awareness.”

“Too often we find ourselves in a tough economic state on an individual level because of the lack of financial literacy. More recently, we have witnessed our nation undergo a tough economic climate publicly. There are basic tools I am ready to equip people with that will help all of us move forward with a much more savvy flair when handling our finances. After all, it’s our money and if we manage it wisely, we will all benefit on a local and national level,” instructs Shawnnell.

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  1. RE-

    Financial literacy is a very important aspect of everyone's education. She's smart for making it her platform. Economics are what separates a business from a venture.

  2. PYNTK

    This topic is definitely a necessity.


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