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Lorena Heletea is a business coach, sales coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, who teaches self-motivation and easy ways to maximize what we can achieve. She helps individuals develop the self-mastery and understanding necessary to transfer potential into performance. She also assists employees at all levels to grow and improve as well as adapt to the ever-changing nature of all commercial enterprises in today’s business atmosphere.

Being a gymnast in Romania since the time she could walk, Lorena had a very good understanding of our physical strength, so she developed a passion for coaching people towards finding the physical power that lies within them. In her efforts to maximize the results and achievements, Lorena discovered “the power of the Mind.”

The truth is … every person knows how to improve their Results, they just don’t seem to be able to do it.


Advancement is always preceded by crisis. People are afraid to take risks, people are afraid of change.


Just as every Company has a corporate image, every person has a self image.

Self image is a direct expression of what we think we can accomplish. Our results are a direct reflection of our actions, and our actions are motivated by our self image. We will never achieve anything greater than the image we have of ourselves. Coaching is guided steps from where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

As a coach, Lorena becomes your partner who supports the achievement of higher results, attain better organization, and manage time effectively.

Who can benefit?

• Professionals, Sales people, Business Owners
• Managers who want to develop exceptional teams
• Successful, forward-thinking individuals who are ready to do what it takes to reach their goals;
• Individuals who want to make substantial changes in their personal and work lives

What a Coach Does …

• A coach helps you get out of your comfort zone, helps you to be creative, resourceful, and opened minded at all times, and keeps you accountable to make things happen.
• A great coach provides empowerment, feedback, deals with breakdowns and keeps you focused.
• Together we brainstorm, set goals, generate new ideas and identify actions.
• With a coach, a client takes more action, thinks bigger, and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability the coach provides.
• The coach knows how to help clients make more money, make better decisions, and set the best goals for maximum productivity.


1. Recognizing old beliefs, conditioning that keep us stuck and gives us the same results we’ve been getting
2. Change old habits that don’t serve us (ask ourselves does
this belief give me the results I want? If it doesn’t replace
it with a new habit)
3. Creating new habits, new beliefs that will give us new awareness along with new and improved results
4. Understanding self is a very important step towards increasing success in any area of our life – by doing that, we can control and direct ourselves in life … we also learn to communicate effectively with other people and get their support, as we understand that working as a team is more powerful than working individually

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation. You can call us: (613) 858–0888

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