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Julia Rosien is the Director of Communications at Natura and Owner/Editor/Chief Girlfriend at A Social Marketing Strategist, Julia is also a buzz-builder, information junkie and avid blogger who is adept at straddling multiple mediums to nurture community and communicate the brand message.

As a team leader, Julia understands the importance of communication across new and changing mediums and teaching teams smart strategies for using them. She has extensive experience managing a large satellite staff as well as in-house direct and indirect reports. Julia works closely with advertisers, designers, IT, usability consultants and SEO/SEM specialists, while continually assessing work flow within company objectives.

Approaching everything with a no-nonsense, honest attitude that fosters team building, online community development and product life cycle marketing strategies that have gusto, just happens to be Julia’s style of leadership. She’s especially proud of her ability to understand the rules and then jump the gate to deliver on deadline. Multitasking in fast-paced environments while smiling is part of her native culture.

An energetic speaker, Julia presents regularly at industry events to help retailers integrate new media into their traditional marketing mix.

People You Need to Know Magazine is proud to shine the spotlight on Julia Rosien. Visit Julia’s website at or Email to reach out to her.

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