Make Sure You Get Some Rest – Your Health is Important


Working women live busy lives. In fact, most of us don’t feel “alive” unless we’re doing something to keep our minds and bodies at work. Nevertheless, getting enough rest is necessary in order for us to operate at our fullest potential. If we don’t make getting rest a priority, trouble is in the wind, and we’re putting ourselves at risk for illnesses, which could have otherwise been avoided.

In order to function properly, the body requires a certain amount of rest or hours of sleep. Though everyone’s body is different, the average adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep to restore the vitality of the daily grind we all endure. If you’re cutting back on your sleep, you’re doing your body a disservice and eventually you must pay the price for the time spent neglecting it.

The Price We Must Pay

When we don’t get the rest we need, the immune system begins to weaken, which eventually opens the floodgates for viruses and diseases to enter. There is no greater wake-up call than the one the body gives us when it’s about to shut down. Warnings of aches and pains are often ignored until it’s too late. Not only is rest good for the body, it’s also good for the mind and mood. If you know of anyone who has a sour disposition, chances are they’re not getting enough rest each day.

Women are still famous for having a need to take care of everyone else while many things in their personal life is screaming for attention, mainly their health.

The North Georgia Mountains: My Favorite Get-away

Recently, I escaped the busyness of life and took a trip to the North Georgia Mountains. When I really need a rest from newspapers, computers, billboards, television, cell phones, etc., I retreat to the mountains of Georgia. For me, nature offers a certain level of peace and restoration that no one or nothing else can provide.

If you love the mountains as I do, you’ll also love The Artist’s Retreat Cabin. It is secluded and offers refreshing views of nature. It is situated in Talking Rock Creek Resort.

Even though you’re surrounded by mountains, the conveniences of home are still at your fingertips. If you plan to take the entire family, there’s plenty of room for everyone. You’re only a short walk from a brand new swimming pool and tennis courts. In addition, this non-smoking cabin sleeps 8. Whether you want a spring, summer, fall or winter get-away, this is definitely the place to be. Also, you’ll want to leave your pet(s) in the care of someone.

Don’t wait until your body sends warning signals of neglect, or even worse … shuts down. Get some rest. Take good care of yourself. Your health is important.


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  1. RE- POD313TechTips

    Welcome Back - and hope you're recharged and ready to go. That getaway seems like it did the trick. (wink*wink) btw - Happy Bob Marley Day 2011


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